He saw a panicked GSD, follows him and called for help 

One night, a police officer in Alaska was patrolling on the roads. While he was on country roads, his GPS suddenly broke down, leaving him delivered to himself and totally lost. Especially as for tens of kilometers, he had crossed person.
But all of a sudden, on the side of the road, he saw a GSD! The animal seemed very panicked and the policeman then decided to follow him without hesitation.

A terrible discovery

While following the dog through the countryside, the policeman did not stop thinking that he was heading for something important. The dog would never do this behavior for nothing. And after a few minutes following the dog, the policeman found himself facing a house on fire.

Without wasting a second, the officer then called the fire department and this is another miracle happened. The dog went back to wait for the firemen and guide them to the fire!

Eventually, firefighters were able to get the owner of the house that only suffered relatively minor burns. For his part, the German Shepherd named Buddy was rewarded for his bravery and for saving his owner’s life. Because without him, it’s a safe bet that this policeman would never cross the house in flames and could not help his owner.

A story that ends well and underlines once again how brave and resourceful our animals are.