Hanged Burned With Acid This Dog Has Loving Family Today


In the condition he was found and the new life he has known for some time, Charlie went from absolute nightmare to the sweetest dream.

Sue Naiden, president of the Trio Animal Foundation, an organization assisting animals in distress and based in Chicago, was shocked by the sad spectacle she had faced just before Christmas last year.

That day, as reported by The Dodo, she received a phone call telling her that a dog had been the victim of the most cruel treatment. The animal, a Golden Retriever, was hung by a rope and had acid splashes on the body. He had miraculously survived before being abandoned in front of a house.

The association promised a $ 5,000 reward for any information that would identify the author of this barbaric act, but no one has come forward. The dog was in the care of staff at the Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic in Wisconsin.

Acid burns on the back and shoulders required the removal of necrotic tissue to promote skin renewal. He was also treated with a special cream and medical baths, as well as regular wraps in bandages to protect his skin during healing.

But even if his physical condition improved, Charlie, as his healers named him, still seemed psychologically marked by the abuse he had suffered. After 2 weeks of intensive care, he badly needed moral support.

This support, he found it by returning to the shelter of the Trio Animal Foundation, more precisely with therapy dog of the organization. Named Hazel Grace, had undergone similar treatment a few years earlier. She too had been tortured; children had tried to set it on fire, which required several skin grafts and 7 months of hospitalization. During her recovery, she had been adopted by Sue Naiden and since then she has been comforting dogs arriving at the shelter.

At their first meeting, Charlie and Hazel Grace looked at each other, then began sniffing each other’s scars, before playing together. Since then, the 2 dogs have become very close. Charlie also befriended the other dogs rescued by the Trio Animal Foundation, including a Labrador Retriever, a Chihuahua, an Australian Shepherd, a Boxer and a French Bulldog.

At the end of January, another good news arrived for Charlie; he was adopted! Karen Lagioia and her family were shocked by his story and decided to greet him, the family already had a dog named Moose and wanted a second one. On the one hand, Karen, her husband, their son and their daughter, and on the other, Charlie, it was love at first sight. Although he needs life-long treatment for his scars, the Golden Retriever can now see the future in pink …


Photos credit: Trio Aniaml Fonadation