Night after night this lonely dog waits for the same train

Last January 2, in the city of Mumbai, India, a man filmed a female dog waits for a train at night. Since that day, the dog returns every evening around 11 pm to wait for the same train.
When the train arrives, she starts to run and look everywhere, as if she is looking for someone in particular.
loyal dog waits
Sameer Thorat a computer scientist filmed the heartbreaking behavior of the dog waiting. He worked every day from 15 am to midnight so he meets this pooch who has given birth to four adorable puppies.
The video went viral around the world and people were so worried about the little puppies.
The dog has become a part of the furniture at the station and local passengers began given her food.
But, it was impossible to move the family because the puppies still too small, their eyes were not open yet.

“The Way it waits for the late-night train and tries to peek inside the ladies’ coach, it seems she is searching for a particular person who either fed it regularly or left it behind”, Mr. Thorat Said.

Sameer Thorat was certain: her owner dumped her because she was pregnant. It is very likely that she is looking for the person who decided to abandon her.
Today, even if this dog mom will never see the person she is waiting for, dozens of travelers are taking care of this little family. When they are old enough, the puppies and the mother can be adopted.


Below you can see the heartbreaking video