Hero Dog Saves His Tiny Little Kittens From House Fire

He must love his tiny little kittens

Most pet owners think that cats and dogs can’t get along. Let me introduce the adorable Jack Russel mix, Leo. He risked his life to save four tiny little kittens from a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. Leo is a certified hero dog. He lived with one other dog, and four kittens when one night a fire started in their home. Flames began filling the house, smoke everywhere.

Leo, the hero dog, saves the day

Thankfully, the family and one dog escaped the fire. However, Leo wouldn’t leave the tiny little kittens in the burning house. He stayed to protect them. When fire fighters arrived on the scene they found Leo unconscious on the floor. One fire fighter picked the brave dog up and noticed a tiny baby kittens laying underneath him. Because of all the smoke in the room, the little dog was losing oxygen quickly.

Hero Dog Saves His Tiny Little Kittens

He managed to keep the kittens safe before firefighters found them. Unfortunately, Leo suffered from smoke inhalation and was quickly rushed outside and given oxygen.

“Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens, which nearly cost him his life. Luckily, firefighters found him very early, applied oxygen and got Leo back around,” said Ken Brown of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

Thankfully, this hero was given a clean bill of health after being checked out.

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