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Hero K9 Saved A Police Officer From Ambush Attack


K9 saved police officer after he was attacked by 3 gang members

Here is a heroic story where a k9 saves his owner’s life, while the fight seemed lost to him.

Todd Frazier is a police officer from the state of Mississippi who is lucky to have Lucas, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois as a partner. The hero dog saved the life of his teammate who was violently attacked by three men, presumably members of a gang.

While patrolling a somewhat isolated highway in Pearlington, the officer saw a blue car whose driver appeared to be unconscious. He decided to stop to take a look. It turned out to be a trap; the perpetrators had managed to lure him through the falsely fainting conductor. Only when he was surprised by the sudden appearance of 2 other men when the officer realized he was trapped.

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Officer Frazier was then dragged into the woods and threatened with death repeatedly. While the attackers were beating him, the policeman had the presence of mind to open the rear door of his service vehicle with a remote control around his neck.

So, he managed to free his teammate Lucas, a perfectly trained K9. In a flash, the six-year-old dog jumped out of the car and ran to his owner to rescue him. He managed to bite one of the three men, who eventually fled.

Hero K9 Saved A Police Officer From Ambush Attack

The officer suffered several rather severe injuries, including a deep cut in the forehead, but eventually recovered completely. Just like his guardian angel Lucas, who was slightly reached at the level of the teeth during the intervention and received the necessary care. As for the suspects, they have not yet been arrested.

Hero K9

After the attack, Todd Fraizer and his partner Lucas were invited to take part in a children’s camp organized by the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. During the ceremony, the brave dog was nominated as the Hero of the Year. Note that before that, the Lucas the police dog was also awarded the Heroic Dog Award by the PETA organization.

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