Anand Raman was about to visit his sister at work one day when he noticed an abandoned street dog hiding under a car. It was another hot day in Dubai, and Anand realized that the poor dog was just trying to stay cool.

The little puppy noticed Anand and immediately approached him as if they were old friends, waving his tail happily. But Anand quickly noticed that something was wrong with the puppy’s paws.

Anand could not help it. He immediately fell in love with the puppy and sat there for a moment, stroking the puppy all ecstatic. Then he brought the dog back to his car and decided to save him.

The dog realized he was finally safe and immediately fell asleep on Anand’s shoulder.

Anand drove the puppy to the veterinary hospital, where he learned that the puppy was suffering from rickets in both front legs due to malnutrition. The good news is that the disease was curable and would disappear as soon as the puppy had eaten the right food.

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