Dogs are really the best friend of man. A homeless man proved it when he decided to camp in front of an animal shelter in the hope of being reunited with his lost dog. An employee from Georgia’s DeKalb County Animal Services came to work one morning to find the man who was sleeping outside the building until it opened.

The man had spent all his money on a bus ticket to get to the shelter. He was lying on the sidewalk waiting for the door of the shelter to open to see if his lost dog was in there.

It was his lucky day! The shelter had found the dog, but he had been taken to a newer facility on the other side of town.

However, the staff who work at the shelter bought him a train ticket so that he could pick up his dog, Tata.

This act of kindness has now become viral, touching the hearts of many animal and dog lovers.

The shelter was so touched by the man’s commitment to find his dog that he gave up all the expenses to reunite the best friends. They also offered help to the man through their innovative outreach program. This program is designed to help the homeless and their dogs.

Fortunately for all of us, the special meeting between the dog and his owner was filmed on video.

Watch their moving reunion in the video :