OMG I can’t believe this

On social medias, it’s outrage. A few days ago, a renowned biologist – Daniel Schneider – shared on Twitter the video of an toy grapper machine in which we can catch not only fluff, but also puppies probably alive !

A shocking video

On the shared video, we can see a classic feast machine in which there are stuffed toys to catch with a large metal clip. But this machine does not only contain toys, but also puppies that look real.

Puppies To Win In Toy Claw Machine In China 01

These are placed in buckets of sorts. They do not seem to move much and we can clearly see the clamp approaching them. It is not explicitly stated that dogs can be won as prizes, but this is probably the case since we see a man walk away with a dog.

Puppies To Win In Toy Claw Machine In China 02

The animal rights group PETA obviously reacted immediately to this video by firmly condemning it: “PETA urges the Chinese authorities to urgently consider this video. If dogs are real, this is not a harmless arcade game, but a matter of life and death. “

Click below to watch the video