This is the innovative idea of ​​a Turkish company called Pugedon who created a device that trades empty plastic bottles for kibble portions for stray dogs in the city.

This device, the size of a phone booth, encourages the people of Istanbul to make a gesture for the planet and stray dogs at the same time! You had to think about it, but it’s a great idea for the 150,000 stray dogs in this city.

Hunger often pushes these doggies to be aggressive, which then hurts their reputation and closes many doors by preventing them from being adopted or taken care of by host families.

The cabin designed by the company Pugedon not only cleans the public space but also feeds stray dogs and educates the general public about their living conditions on the street.

The principle is simple: we empty the remaining water in the slot provided for this purpose, then we slide the empty bottle into the device that reacts by pouring a portion of croquettes in a large bowl. Dogs only have to serve themselves!

This is not a long-term solution to the problem of stray dogs in Istanbul, but in the meantime, it will brighten up the day of doggies that need it.

See how it works in the video below: