When he was born, Nubby already had a particularity in relation to his brothers and sisters. The puppy had no front legs. It does not matter to his parents who decided to keep him. They also had to deal with a major health problem of their protege. Again, the puppy has managed to survive. If he is not out of trouble yet, he seems to be on the right track.

Nubby is a fighter like we rarely see. A survivor. He has survived that many puppies do not cross in their life. His only held by a thread. He has overcome the difficulties one by one, to get out even stronger.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable help of his adoptive parents. Lou and Mark have been caring for this canine born without his front legs. At birth, the veterinarian even suggested euthanasia. Lou’s categorical refusal, which founded Warriors Educate About Rescue, where she teaches classes on how to care for animals. Nubby’s luck was to fall into a passionate family.

Faced with the puppy’s inability to feed on his mother, he was hydrated with a bottle. Mark also had to pay attention to the inclination of his little dog, so that pneumonia caused by poor absorption of milk would not be triggered. But despite this, at three weeks, Nubby fell seriously ill.

An esophageal anomaly

In addition to this pneumonia, Nubby had an “esophageal anomaly”, with the creation of a “pouch shape in the esophagus” according to Lou at The Dodo. Not enough to bury him. Because Nubby had some resources. An unsuspected force that allowed him to escape.


Nothing is finished, but after five weeks, the puppy is still part of the family. Doctors will have to wait to assess the extent of the damage caused by this anomaly. Anyway, Nubby takes advantage of the love brought by her parents to start crawling and playing. Like a puppy that fully experiences life.