Seriously Injured dog on the road 

Elton the Dachshund was found alone and injured, wandering the streets, obviously in great suffering. He lost his family when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.
but fortunately, he crossed the road of volunteers who then take him to Vet Ranch so that he could receive the necessary care.

Immediately, the veterinarian does some physical exams on Elton, including X-rays. It is there that he discovers that his state of health is catastrophic. His entire back end was broken, No wonder he suffers so much.

Dog surgery

Faced with the extent of the damage in the small body of Elton, the veterinarian hesitates a little on the way forward but finally decides that he wants to give a second chance to this brave dog that has already seduced everyone.

After a very long operation, Elton could finally walk without pain and even wag his tail! A great victory for the whole team,  who was happy to see the brave dog play and doing crazy.
A month later, the dog was operated a second time to be fully recovered and it was a new success.
Today, little Elton is a completely different dog, who no longer suffers and he is happy.

A rescue that changed everything. Below, you can relive the rescue of Elton in the video.

Photos Credit: youtube