She Used Her Dog’s Picture To Show That Rape Is Not The Woman’s Fault

She Used Her Dog's Picture To Show That Rape Is Not The Woman's Fault principal

We all understand how dog pictures become viral all the time! This message, however, was as poignant as it was adorable. Bree Wiseman has posted a picture of her dog sitting obediently next to his favorite dish and used it to make a powerful statement about blaming victim, something that is unfortunately still prevalent in modern society.

Homeless Dog Fell Asleep On His Rescuer’s Shoulder 

Homeless Dog Fell Asleep On His Rescuer's Shoulder 

Anand Raman was about to visit his sister at work one day when he noticed an abandoned street dog hiding under a car. It was another hot day in Dubai, and Anand realized that the poor dog was just trying to stay cool.

Wandering Puppy Wags Her Tail To Catch People Attention

little puppy kept wagging her tail

A homeless little puppy was determined to be rescued. Then an elephant rescue organization takes her under her wing and finds her forever home.

The Loss Of Pet Is Just As Hard As Losing A Loved One

The Loss Of A Pet Is Just As Hard As Losing A Loved One

Most people don’t understand the loss and fail to grasp why our world has been shattered, because they think getting another pet will just replace our loss.

Woman Cuddles  Street Cat Nobody Wanted To Touch, The Kitty Reaction Is Everything

The street cat had terrible case of sarcoptiv mange and suffering from a terrible eye infection

Street cat that nobody would never notice

Love should be unconditional. It shouldn’t be based on how someone looks or whether or not the rest of us are pleased by their outward appearance. While we understand that we shouldn’t judge people by their appearances, we don’t always extend that same kindness to animals. Many of us feel sympathy for animals with a cute appearance, but will naturally recoil from animals with deformities or diseases.