This 3-Legged Dog Can Detect Suffering  People And He has The Ability To Comforts Them

A 3-legged dog, Piggy does not hesitate a jump to suffering people arms, people with malaise or illness. He is not only good at it, but he is even better at helping them get better.

Dog Overcomes His Depression Thanks To Duck

A Labrador named George fell into a deep depression following the death of his brother. For 2 years, he perished visibly, much to the chagrin of his adopted family. And then, a duck has appeared … A magical duck!

In Istanbul, They Recycle Plastic Bottles To Feed Stray Dogs!

This is the innovative idea of ​​a Turkish company called Pugedon who created a device that trades empty plastic bottles for kibble portions for stray dogs in the city.

Lonely Dog Waited At The Pier For A Month In Hope Her Owner Might Come Back

Loyal dog spends a month at the pier waiting for her owner ends up finding a warm new house.

Homeless Man Sleeps Outside An Animal Shelter In Hope They Find His Lost Dog

Dogs are really the best friend of man. A homeless man proved it when he decided to camp in front of an animal shelter in the hope of being reunited with his lost dog. An employee from Georgia’s DeKalb County Animal Services came to work one morning to find the man who was sleeping outside the building until it opened.