He was on a road trip when he meets a homeless Pit Bull

For those who don’t know Jon Mancinetti , Jon is a Filmmaker/Artist/PitBull Advocate Writer/Director of “Loss and Found” @MancinettiPics

Jon was in a visit to a shelter in Memphis, he met so many dogs and when he was about to leave, one of the volunteers mentioned to him that there is this dog, who is soo sweet, and the poor is gonna be euthanized today.

Jon decided to meet this specific dog and when the sweetest lovable dog saw him he started to lick Jon face and rubbing on him.

“The dog was so skinny, so sickly looking, no one was going to come into the shelter and adopt him just because of the way he looks.” John said

But Jon knows that there was a beautiful dog underneath all that. 
Jon Mancinetti is already known for saving dogs before, but the fact that this poor dog is going to be putting to sleep maybe right after he leaves the shelter, makes him think twice.