The family of Justin Bieber is growing!

While waiting for the arrival of a child, apparently still not expected, Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, adopted a small dog. An animal that drives crazy the couple, who does not stop to put pictures of him on his social networks. What may push the project of a child, far from being their preoccupation of the moment?

“This is our dog-son. His name is Oscar. It was this simple message posted on his Instagram account that Justin Bieber announced the arrival in his life of his new dog. So it’s not the time for the baby for the singer and his new wife, Hailey Baldwin

The couple was married in September 2018. So, if it is not perhaps the imagined enlargement of the family in their lives, it has the merit of being real. According to Elle’s US website, Justin and Hailey have become crazy about their new pet. Many photos and videos feed their social networks.

Soon a child?

For the moment, this happiness seems to suffice them. Anyway, Hailey did not seem to be in a hurry to get pregnant, as she recently confided:                 
“I love kids, and I can not wait to get them. I would say it’s a reality that is getting closer and closer, but it’s really not for now. “

Even if the child project could come back on the table faster than expected. In 2011, he launched: “At 25 or 26, I hope I will be married, or that I will start to found my family. He will be 25 in March 2019 …