Kind Woman Sleeps Overnight With [Dying Dog] So He Won’t Be Alone


When Janine Guido, the kind founder of Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, met a dog called Watson, everything she needed to know about him was clear on his face.

Watson was picked up from an emergency vet’s clinic after a college student found him wandering around in a local park.

The vet estimated that Watson was around 7 or 8 years old. “He looked exhausted,” Guido told The Dodo, “like he was ready to give up the fight.”

For good reason. Watson’s body was covered in open wounds, he was visibly starving, and an alarming tumor protruded from one of his hind legs. It was clear that this dog had been suffering, and had been left uncared for, for a long time.

Sadly, it turned out that the tumor was cancerous. Guido knew it even before Watson’s prognosis was confirmed: “His eyes look tired,” she posted on Facebook. “My gut tells me the cancer has spread through his body.”

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