Never Give up on the ones you love

On Tuesday the 25th of June After we returned from holiday to a poorly tired looking pup. His dog sitter was concerned.

We took him straight to the vets the next day, assuming he was likely dehydrated because of the weather, our vet was incredibly concerned and after being urgently referred to a specialist cardiologist, that day, Joey was diagnosed with right-sided heart failure secondary to severe tricuspid valve dysplasia and severe pulmonic stenosis (valvular type A).

Our hearts were shattered.. we were both hysterical our world was spinning how could there be anything so wrong with our happy excitable baby the gorgeous boy, Joey races around when you get up or come in the door to make sure he has a toy to present you with.

I cannot put into word what’s this dog means to us he lights up every day. For me I struggle a lot with anxiety and Joey will always be there to comfort me.

He is a huge part of our family and after moving into our first Home last year and making the huge decision to get our first puppy we never imagined we would be here. we want to do everything we can to give our pup a fighting chance.

The cardiologist talked us through our options and Joey needs two operations including a heart bypass that can only be done at one place in the country the Royal Veterinary College to save his life… without it he only has months, but with it, he could lead a normal happy life! The bypass is a whopping £18,000 ( 21.000 USA, approximately).

To us, it isn’t even a question he has to have it we are trying to raise awareness and the funds to get Joey the op he needs.

Please please help us share and donate if you can we aren’t ready to say goodbye to our baby. 

Unfortunately our insurance will not help us towards this as on Joey’s first vets appointment he was diagnosed with a heart murmur that we was told was harmless in puppies and he would likely grow out of, because he was only insured for one week before the appointment instead of two regardless of the fact we had only had him a week we are sadly not covered therefore we will be funding all of his treatments ourselves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Joey’s story, Please HELP, SHARE  or DONATE. 

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PS: Joey story was written by his loving parents Nick and Ruby and sent to us by lovely Hayley Briggs