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This Malformed Dog Should Be Euthanized, A Veterinarian Has Decided Otherwise


A new start for this malformed dog

A new start for this malformed dogIn the United States, a malformed dog was supposed to be euthanized because its misshaped jaw prevented it from feeding properly and caused great suffering. But a vet decided he deserved a chance.

A young stray dog was entrusted to the animal shelter of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Then about 4 months old, the animal had a deformation in the jaw. He could barely open the mouth, but he managed to painfully pass the tongue between the teeth and lick anyone who met him.

Despite his suffering, Zar – that was his name at the time – was adorable with everyone. Examined by the veterinarians, he had inflammation and deformity all over the right side of his head. He also had an infection and scar tissue had formed.

A new start for this malformed dog

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The treatments helped to reduce the inflammation, but over the weeks and months, Zar’s face became more distorted and he found it harder and harder to open his mouth. He was starting to lose weight, so in June the team planned to have him euthanized to save him from terrible suffering. But one of the shelter’s veterinarians, Dr. Danielle Boyd, did not see it that way.

She took him to VCA Great Lakes Animal Hospital in Warrensville Heights (Ohio) for examination by a team of veterinarians. They gave him an X-ray and a CT scan, which revealed fractures of the skull and inflammation behind the broken bones in the orbit of the right eye, which he lost the use of.

The specialists concluded that these lesions were due to deliberate blows with a blunt object.

A new start for this malformed dog

Zar was going to need several surgeries, as well as a fairly heavy treatment and follow-up. This care did not guarantee his survival, but for Danielle Boyd, the dog deserved a chance.

That night, she took him home so that he could know something other than the life of refuge, at least for one night. The next morning, she was strengthened in her belief that we had to play everything for the whole. She even gave him a new name: Squish.

A new start for this malformed dog