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Man kills His Neighbor’s Dog And Invites Him To Dog Meat Dinner


He kills and cooks his dog then invites him to eat dog meat


So irritated by the constant barking of his neighbor’s dog, a South Korean farmer confessed to kill and cook the animal before inviting the owner to join him for a dog meat dinner. A petition has been launched to punish him.

This hardly credible story is reported by the British newspaper The Guardian. In Pyeongtaek, South Korea, a farmer was fed up with the barking of his neighbor’s dog, a 2-year-old Welsh Corgi.

The 62-year-old then, by his own admission, stunned the animal by throwing a stone at him, then strangled and cooked. Not content to kill him, he then suggested to his neighbors, including the owner of the dog, to share a meal consisting dog meat.

The family start searching for the missing dog

In the meantime, seeing the dog’s disappearance and not realizing what was happening, his family multiplied the search and distributed posters in the hope of finding him. The dog’s owner knocked on the door of his neighbor, who courteously greeted them and promised them that he would warn them if he noticed their four-legged canine companion.

The next day, the farmer even went to visit the father, his neighbor, and owner of the dog, so to have a drink with him and “support” him in this event.

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No one except the farmer knew that he actually hid the body of the Corgi in his barn and was preparing to make a meal of it.

His invitation was kindly declined by the dog’s owner, and sometime later another neighbor realized what was happening and denounced it. Horrified, the dog’s family decided to launch an online plea calling for public support to ensure that the offender is punished sternly. 15,000 signatures have been collected to date.

Up to 1 millions dogs are consumed each year in South Korea, Dog meat has been a part of the South Korean cuisine, they believed it increase the eater’s energy.

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