One can not help but smile when a victim is able to take revenge. Even, or perhaps especially, if the victim is actually a stray dog.

There are millions of stray dogs who, unfortunately, feel at home in the busy streets of the world. According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 million stray dogs live on the streets.

As if it were not terrible enough, these dogs are sometimes faced with particularly unfortunate circumstances that accompany the territory in which they live.

A recent incident revealed that a wandering pup and his group of friends were the “heroes” of the story. A man should have listened to the old proverb that says “let the dogs sleep”. However, he learned his lesson the hard way when these furry heroes came back to take revenge on him. People who hurt animals are really among the cruelest people because most animals can not defend themselves.

What exactly happened?

A man from Chongqing, China, tried to park his car in a local car park and then find a wandering dog sleeping at his favorite place, reports the Daily Mail. Otherwise, the dog did not hurt. However, the man came out and kicked the sleeping dog. But he was not prepared for the consequences of his cruel and senseless act.

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