While it is horrible to think of animal abuse, it is a sad reality that we still hear reports of animals being neglected and tortured every day. It is a shame that people go out of their way to bring their pets home and abuse them for no reason. Animals, in all their forms, deserve love, respect and kindness. When treated properly, they add so much fullness and joy to our lives.

Some would say that humans do not even deserve pets. We have all heard horror stories about animals and bad owners, but we never believe that we will be able to witness them for ourselves. What would you do if you found an abused animal? Many people would do anything to save this poor animal. A couple found themselves next to someone who tortured their adorable Golden Retriever for years until they finally decided to step in.

The dog was kept outdoors all his life and for most of that time he was also chained with limited range of motion. Naturally, this treatment made the animal depressed, which meant that he often cried and barked in frustration. But as these tears frustrated the careless owners, they decided to muzzle his mouth with tape. Of course, it is painful for the animal and it does not allow him to breathe comfortably. But once the neighbors, who actually owned the same breed of dog they treated as a child, saw what was happening to the poor dog next door, they knew they had to step in. Despite numerous calls to the police, nothing has changed in poor Golden Retriever’s life.

Feeling alone and depressed, the Golden Retriever stayed in the backyard full of concrete. The dog even seemed to give up hope for a better life, lying there day after day, without energy or optimism. Finally, after many years of watching the torture of the neglected and abused dog, the neighbors were tired of it. They decided to take over the judicial system and broke into the back yard to free him. The dog was quickly unleashed and brought home. They kindly called the dog Alfie.

Alfie was found so broken and beaten that it was obvious that he had also been physically abused. He did not trust humans at all and barked constantly, often snapping claws and throwing himself on the rescuers. Naturally, this sensitive and hostile nature is normal for the way the dog has been raised, with abuse and cruelty. Fortunately, the new owners worked with him every day to rehabilitate him and change his behavior. They did their best every day to remind the dog that he was now in a safe place and that he would never be hurt again. And by some sort of miracle, Alfie finally became the playful and joyful puppy he was destined to become.

With the help of his new caring owners, Alfie learned that there was life outside his old backyard. He was able to travel with his owners, join them for adventures and holidays.

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