Life can really change overnight!

“Lucky had a terribly difficult life before being adopted by his new family.

Abused and abandoned without food in an empty house for more than a month, the dog finally escaped from prison by biting holes in the doors and breaking a window of the house! But he was not at the end of his troubles: on leaving the house, he came face to face with a farmer who shot at him! He received gunshots on his muzzle and paw and was in a very bad state before being rescued and placed in a shelter.

Today, Lucky’s life has changed a lot, and he is now both lucky and very happy! His adoptive family sought to make him forget his painful past by covering him with love, caresses, and treats. One day, they discovered that Lucky had a devouring passion – and that’s the case! – for tacos.

It’s easy to understand: these delicious Mexican snacks crisp in the mouth and are almost always garnished with meat in sauce and other tasty ingredients.

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Lucky’s family has dedicated an Instagram account to the passion of their doggie for tacos, by surrounding them with objects in their effigy before shooting small videos where the dog delights in his favorite treats. The result makes almost 25,000 subscribers laugh every day!

From an abused, hungry and attacked dog, Lucky has become the luckiest dog on the web!