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Adorable! Smiley Lost Pit Bull Shows Up In The Middle Of Photo Shoot For Dogs


Two photographers volunteered to photo shoot dogs waiting for adoption at a shelter. But they did not expect to meet a particularly cute one!

For Heartbreaking Reason, This Dog Eats Only Half The Food In His Bowl


Poor Otavio he has a difficult past …

If today Otavio has everything a good happy dog has, this was not always the case. On the contrary, even since the poor little doggy had a complicated past. A past that still hangs over him.

Man Cries When His Wife Tells Him That They Can Keep Thier Foster Dog


Dogs that have been abandoned in the past feel trauma for years after the incident. The story of a dog named Toby is no different. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn For The First Time, Her Reaction Will Warm Your Heart


Do you know the joy we feel when we welcome a newborn? Apparently, humans are not the only ones to feel this extraordinary emotion when they see a newborn. Quica the Chihuahua had an incredible reaction the first time she met her new human brother.

Sam Is Heartsick, But She’s Also A Survivor


Sam update! Wroten by Day Ranch stuff

We have a very happy update to share today!…. Sam is continuing to do very well.

Her friend Philip gave us some more of Arthur’s blankets as well as quite a few of his old shirts. That seemed to really help her, and she’s starting to really come out of her shell and interact!

Loyal Senior Dog Found Next to Dead Owner’s Side Receiving Care and Space to Grieve at Rescue


On a very rare occasion, County sheriff’s assistants met old Labrador retriever. The dog, named Sam, was found lying next to his dead owner. The assistants could see how confused and distressed the dog was when she tried to get Arthur, the owner, to wake up.