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He Went To The Vet With His Dog And Made A Very Cruel Request

The vet gives Macho a second chance

Some people are not made to live with animals

When he was only 8 months old, Macho Furious lost the use of his back legs on Christmas day. Several days later, his owner – a breeder- took him to the vet to find out if his condition was permanent or not. The vet then explained that Macho Furious’s condition was permanent, he could never use his paws again.

The vet refuses euthanasia

His owner then asked that he be euthanized because it no longer served him anything.
The veterinarian was speechless and refused euthanasia. He contacted a shelter for the dog to be cared for and gives the dog a second chance.

A second chance for Mancho

When Reynolds crossed the photo of M Furiousacho, she immediately got into her car, drove from her home in Wilmington, Delaware, to pick him up, she gives him a second chance.

“Thank god the veterinarian stepped in and refused to euthanize the poor pup,” She said.

According to veterinarians who have been working with Macho Furious say his state of paralysis is the consequence of bad breeding.

Since last January 3, the dog lives with her fiance and her six adopted animals in their home.

He was very happy, Macho Furious immediately showed how good and happiest dog he was.

A nonprofit that donates wheelchairs to dogs is sending over Macho his first wheels and promises to replace them every time he needs a new set.

Raynold expects that he lives with her for at least another month, so he gets used to his wheelchair and undergoes his surgery.


When ready, Macho Furious will join his new family,  that will live close to Reynolds because she hopes to visit him as often as possible.

“Macho Furious has a long life ahead of him. I’m glad we crossed the path of this dog. he will be a very happy dog,” said Reynolds. And that’s all we want.

Photos Credit: Rescue for the misunderstood

More Than 170 Dogs Saved From A Dog Meat Farm In South Korea

Dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea

Animal rescues from Humane Society International HSI rescued more than 170 dogs from a dog meat farm in Namyangjui in South Korea.

The dog meat farm in Namyangjui is one of 17,000 in South Korea that breed more than 2,5 million dogs a year for human consumption.

Pete Wicks, from The Only Way Is Essex English reality TV show, joined the rescue team in South Korea. He visited the slaughterhouse in Namyangju. The man was shocked when he enters these structures: “Nothing had prepared me for such a horrible vision,” he said. He remembers seeing “entire corridors of dogs shaking behind metal bars with so much despair in their eyes. ”

The dogs were suffering from eye infections, skin diseases and painful legs and paws sores from standing and sitting on wire mesh.

These dogs were flying to shelters across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Days after the rescue, Pete Wicks went to London Heathrow Airport to welcome the dogs he helped save.

Among the dogs that were held there, 150 were saved through this initiative. 13 of them made the trip to London and the rest were taken to the United States and Canada.

Pete Wicks wanted to be present when they arrived at Heathrow Airport in London. Jack the Beagle, who is in the picture, Henry the Labrador Retriever, and the Crusaders Lucie, George, Tory, Rock, Bella, Chris, Adam, Mocha, Abbie, Lucy, and Leila are now 9000 km from death row. They are all going to join their new families in England soon.

Dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea
Jack the beagle among the rescued dogs

170+ Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Video

He Approaches To Check On A Dead Dog- Then Learns The Funny Surprise

plays dead dog for more treat and cuddles

A dead dog on the roadside, or so he thought

A few days ago, Manuel Delgado was on a bike ride through the mountains outside Madrid, Spain when he saw something that caught his eye. There, in front of him, was a wounded creature in desperate need of help.
Delgado noticed a couple gazing concernedly at something on the roadside. he decides to stop and help. As he got closer, he realized they were standing over a large dead dog body.

The couple then explains that they were walking around when they saw this dog coming towards them, and he simply falling, stone- dead. And the poor dog absolutely does not seem to react to caresses … He was not showing any sign of life.

Fortunately, the dog was wearing a collar with a phone number and his name: Tizón. Manuel Delgado and the couple decide to call the number, but the line went to voicemail. They then contact the police for help.

A very surprising Truth

By contacting the local police, Manuel Delgado discovers the end of this story. In fact, Tizón is already well known to the police who are used to his little play. The dog is not dead at all but he simply plays the dead to receive cuddles and food. And he does that with all the people who pass by him!

Very surprised, Manuel Delgado has a hard time believing this story because the dog seems really dead or seriously injured.

But then, as a test, they decide to step away from the playing dead dog and pretend to ignore the animal. And that’s where Tizón got up!

plays dead dog for more treat and cuddles
Manuel Delgado

“Once we got a couple of meters away, he started acting like a normal dog,” Delgado said ” He got up, walked over to us and dropped dead again. His acting was perfect”

A real little adorable dog who “traps” people every day for treats, food, and more cuddles.

                                                                               PhotosCredit: Manuel Delgado 

Can You Feed Your Dog leftovers? Reasons Why You Shouldn’t !

Can you Feed your Dog leftovers

Can I feed my dog leftovers?

Is it a good thing to give the scraps of lunch or dinner to your dog? can you feed your dog leftovers? Of course, the answer is no.
There is nothing worse for the health and behavior of his dog than treat it as a “trash” table. We count many reasons for this.

The classic scene: you are eating alone or with your family, the plate in your hands or on the table, and the dog is sitting there, staring at the dish and waiting patiently.

It is certainly difficult to resist the look that implores you, but it is necessary for the good of everyone, starting with the dog itself. Feed your dog leftovers is not a good idea.

This is part of the bad eating habits that contribute greatly to canine obesity and promote all kinds of digestive disorders. Therefore, the health of the dog that is put at risk, along with his behavior and his life in the family.

Foods that are not adapted to the specific needs of your dog

The dog’s nutritional needs are different from ours. His body requires a number of nutrients and rejects others, many of which are part of our daily menus. Lactose, onions, garlic, egg white, salted meats and sausages, raisins, mushrooms, and chocolate are almost everywhere on our plates. And it’s all about harmful foods for your dog.
By giving him the scraps of your meal, it is therefore likely to harm his health by making him absorb one of these foods that his stomach cannot digest.

Vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems may result. In addition, our diet is likely to contain significant levels of sugar, salt, and fats. These are, again, dangers to the health of dogs, which are sadly more numerous to suffer from obesity.

Also remember bones, especially the smallest ones (chicken, rabbit, etc.).  Can cause choking and internal damage when being ingested by your doggie.

A bad habit that encourages undesirable behavior

Give the scraps of the table to your dog is detrimental to the health of your canine companion.  But not only, It is also affecting his education and his behavior.

If he was used to receiving food from your plate after or during meals, he will begin to claim it systematically.

In the best case, it will be sitting there staring at what you are eating, which is already unpleasant, especially for your guests. Some dogs become very insistent, even aggressive.  Making lunches and dinners tense, whereas they should be moments of well-being.

From the start, you must make it clear to your dog that he should not roam around the table during meals. Your dog must respect this rule.

Give him only his food. And nothing else

Your pet should receive a balanced diet adapted not only to his dog status (croquettes or home-cooked meals) but also according to his breed, his size, his age or his condition  (sick dog, pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.).

As for treats, you must control the amount given to your dog.Even those that are specially made for dogs.
They allow, certainly, to facilitate education by giving it as rewards. However, you must give it wisely so as not to unbalance his diet.

Remember you should never feed your dog leftovers

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Incredible,  German Shepherd Sings With His Owner (Video)

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

Maximus is a  signing German Shepherd dog who has a lot of talent. And he proves it regularly since he loves to accompany his owner when he takes a shower. But not only that. What Maximus loves above all else is that when his owner starts to sing in the shower. Watch below German Shepherd sings with his owner (Video)

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

At first, Maximus is lying not far from the shower and begins to hear his owner. After a few seconds of listening attentively, Maximus starts his turn and begins to accompany his owner in his song by “singing” in concert with him! A really nice moment of sharing between an animal and his owner.

And if you wonder what is the song, it is Edouard Khil’s popular song entitled “Trolololo”.

So do you like it?

Photos Credit: Youtube

This Adorable Dog Always Comes To See His Owner Take His Bath, The Reason Will Make You Laugh

Adorable dog

Here is an attentive adorable doggie !

Clark is an adorable dog. Whenever his human is going to take a shower or taking a bath, he is present! And if at first, his human was a little surprised. It must be said that Clark has an adorable reason for doing this: he wants to help his owner to pass this painful test.

An adorable dog

Not only does Clark spend long minutes looking after his owner in showers taken bath, he’s even better. After a few minutes, he goes for a toy and throws it at his master as if to offer him a small compensation to cheer him up during this ordeal.

Because he hates bathing, Clark thinks naturally that his humans feel the same way. It is therefore by the pure kindness that he assists him during these moments and even offers him his toys!

The owner wrote on twitter

Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I’ll feel better

Clark’s owner was able to photograph all this, he simply explained that as his dog always behaves like that during showers or baths, it was not difficult to use his phone once to keep it a souvenir.

Otherwise, Clark is also a very normal dog who loves to play outside, to pose for many pictures and to sleep!

Here is the original tweet:


Photos Credit: Twitter

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