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Dog A tiny word For A Great Soul


Just a Dog – By Richard Biby

From time to time people tell me, “Lighten up. It’s just a dog.”
or “That’s a lot of money for just a dog.”

They don’t understand the distance traveled, time spent or costs involved for “Just a dog”.

This Blind And Deaf Dog Does The Sweetest Thing When She Smells Her Dad Is Home


Meet Opal a white Siberian husky She’s an eight-month-old double Merle and as a result of bad breeding, she was born completely blind and deaf.
She was rescued from Double J Dog Ranch, and she now lives at home with her two humans in Spokane, who she loves very much, even though she can’t see or hear them

Dog Goes After Owner With a Knife


If a dog is coming at you with a knife do you fight back?? Check out this cute video of a dog going after his owner’s friend and judge for yourself if the dog is capable of murder.

They Take Their Dog To Be Euthanized Because She’s About To Have A litter of puppies


Hard To Imagine

what type of person takes his dog to be euthanized because she’s about to have a litter of puppies.
The kind vet refused to euthanize her and she’s in the care of someone who does care.

Golden Retriever Thinks Vet’s Office Is A Playground


Most pets don’t like the idea of going to the vet, but this puppy is something special. It’s inevitable that people won’t feel his cheerful presence while he’s running around very quickly. He likes to explore every corner of the place where he will be cared for and make sure that he is in optimal health so that he can continue to play as the happiest dog in the world.

Watch: Black Dog Interrupts Soccer Game, Just for Belly Rubs


Last weekend, spectators and players were surprised to see a dog tumble onto a football field in the Georgian league match. Far from being a threat, the pup was very friendly, which made everyone smile.

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