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Hilariously Lazy English Bulldog Will Not Move | The Dodo


Luca the English bulldog is hilarious…and super lazy! His mom always catches him in the funniest positions. While lots of dogs have very high energy, most people can definitely relate to this dog’s lazy attitude.

Nice Reminder That Our Dogs Aren’t Just Pets. They’re Family


Ten years ago I was on my way home,

Saw her walking on the side of the highway alone.

It was raining like hell and I kept telling myself

Despacito, Shape Of You, Baby Ft. Ludacris Covered By Dog


Luis Fonsi – Despacito (Dog version)

Dog Hates Snowmen


Man Buried His Pit Bull Dog Alive Cause He Didn’t Want Her


He thought no one will found her

A man named Dinis Pedro was walking his dog when he saw a dog, a pit bull, halfway buried in the dirt.

This Dog Had Been Abused And Was Scared Of Everyone, Until She Meets this Baby


Man and the dog: an inseparable couple

It’s a love story that has been going on since prehistoric times: man and dog have learned to live together, better, to help each other, a unique partnership.