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Rescue Dog Won’t Let Orphaned Foal Sleep Alone

Zip the dog watched over his friend Tye, a foal who lost his mother, until he grew up and became independent.

Puppy Thanks Woman Who Rescued Him by Comforting Her


Watch the reaction of this dog, that nobody wanted,  when he was saved!

Dog Hates Having His Nails Cut, His owner Found Out Brilliant Trick 


Visits to the veterinarian and groomer should be high on the list of dislikes for most dogs. Although a quick wash is not as intimidating as a medical checkup, many dogs feel a little anxious about scissors and clippers.

She Takes Picture Of Her Son, But Her Pit Bull Was Doing Something Hilarious That Ruined The Photo



Gus the Pit Bull has many qualities, but he is not always very photogenic. He is only a year and a half old, but his family can no longer imagine life without him. He has two human brothers aged 2 and 6 who love to play with him in the garden. And that’s good because Gus LOVES going outside.

Man Parked His Car, Went Out And Hit Stray Dog. You Will Not Believe What The Dog Did Next


One can not help but smile when a victim is able to take revenge. Even, or perhaps especially, if the victim is actually a stray dog.

Watch: How Dogs Can Cry Just Like Us In One Of The Most Touching Scenes!


Abandonment, a very cruel act taking place all over the world, causing thousands of animal lovers to react by trying to save them and send them to new loving homes.