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This Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Riping His Favorite Pillow


Sometimes we hurt those we love …

Draco the Pit Bull was adopted into a shelter when he was only 2 weeks old. And since his youngest age, he has a favorite toy: a pillow that he nibbles every time he wants to take a nap.

Relieved Of Dirty Hair, This Dog Is Unrecognizable


Murphy’s hair was so tangled and dirty that you could barely see the front of the back of his body. The intervention of the PETA association changed the life of this neglected dog.

Grandma Did Not Like The New Dog Of The Family Then He Saved Her


When Mason joined Annabelle Camp at 4 months last October, the young woman’s grandmother does not like it. She ignored most of the time.

Dog Tied In The Rain Crying. The Reaction Of The Owner Is Unacceptable (Video)


It was in Englebelmer that the 30 Million Friends Foundation intervened to help a little pup aged 4 months.

Puppy Fell In Open Well  While Playing In The Woods


As she accompanied her owner into the forest for her daily walk, a 16-week-old dog fell into a dry well. It took the intervention of specialized firefighters in this type of situation to get Zella out of this bad patch, and to give it back to a landlord who was raving about his lifeguards for a day!

This Puppy Born Without Nose Has Just Celebrated Her First Birthday


Goosie, a puppy who was born with a distorted truffle, just celebrated his 1 year! A beautiful victory for this bitch supposed to live only a few days.