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How To Make Your Dog Sleeping In 5 Minutes


Your dog or puppy has trouble falling asleep at night? he moans all night? Make sure your dog has good habits and a good sleeping environment when you and your dog are ready for bed. You should also consider some changes or check the health of the animal. After that, your dog and you will be ready for a good night’s sleep!

This Dog Knows How To Destroy A Piñata (video)

A child was struggling to dismantle a hanging figurine filled with treats. If his slashing started Mario’s birthday piñata, it was not enough to completely dismantle him. It was the dog, who witnessed the “thrashing” from the beginning, who showed him how to do it.

Here Are The 30 Winners Of 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are organized, a contest that rewards the most entertaining animal photography in the world. Here are the winners of this 2018 edition.

He Imagines A Surreal World, Where Animals Are Giants


In Canada, artist Mani is a real master of photomontage. He tributes the cause of animals by imagining a fantasy world where animals have become real giants … that make the man tiny.

Cute Dog Inside Pocket Goes Viral

Most people in the world agree that dogs are wonderful creatures, they make us happier, healthier and active. Some people even start acting like kids around their dogs.

Dogs whatever the breed, the size they can really impact the lives of its owners.

This Illustrator Is The King Of Flip Books: The Art Of Telling Stories While Turning Pages


The Flippist tells animated stories with his creative flip books that are hugely successful on social media.

The flipbook, better known as the “flip book”, is a small booklet of drawings or photographs that come alive when the pages are scrolled very quickly. In short, flip books can tell small animated stories from simple drawings.

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