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They Thought This Puppy Was Dead. Watch Her Incredible Recovery


Her head was flipped backward and lay in a pool of blood. Her neck seemed broken, but when we came close, we saw her breathing. We scooped her up and hurried her to our hospital and immediately began treating her for brain swelling and pain.

They Save A Dog Fallen Into A River Without Realizing That It Is A Wolf


The animal was stuck in a frozen stream. It was only when they arrived at the veterinary clinic that his rescuers learned that he was a wolf.

Deaf And Blind Dog Knows Special Language


Deaf And Blind Dog Knows Special Language | This dog can’t see or hear, but her mom taught her a special language.

Empathetic Dog Reacts to Emotional Scene in The Lion King


Dogs are ultra sensitive to body language. If the dog could see the picture then it’s conceivable he understood the body language of the characters and “knew” more or less what was going on. Animated animals have much more than subtle body language. Dog cognition is different from humans but it is equal to children from ages 1 to 5 yrs old.

Funny Video How A xolo Makes A Bed


A Standard male Xolo that has to get the duvet positioned just right before retiring for the evening. Being invited to the human bed is a special treat, and he wants it to be perfect. 

They Make Realistic Pet Slippers That Look So Real

Wow, this pet slippers will blow your mind!

Dogs and cats are one of the best aspects of being a human. They’re there to cuddle with you on a bad day, motivate you to be a real pet owner, and amuse you with their silliness.