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22 Wonderful Facts You Should Know About German shepherd

german shepherd

 German Shepherd The 2 nd most popular dog in America

If you want to adopt a dog and you think German Shepherd dog breed is the right one for you. Find out with us some amazing facts about this popular dog breed.

German Shepherd History :

–  As their name implies German Shepherds dog are a breed that originated in Germany.
– Introduced in the USA by soldiers returning from World War.
– By World War 2 German shepherds dogs were the military breed of choice.
-They caught the public eye because of movie stars Strong heart and later, Rin Tin Tin.
-The first guide dogs were German shepherd dogs.

Awesome And Easy Hacks For Dog Every Owner Should Know

hacks dog

Easy Hacks For Dog

Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks for dog owner; we have collected 11 awesome DIY life hacks for dog owner, to help give him a better life.

These hacks  will make your life much easier, so let’s go fetch them:

Hack 1: DIY Dog Toy

– If your dog is a fan of toys then he might have the tendency to destroy them, what you can do:

-Grab yourself an empty water bottle that size appropriate for your dog.

-Squeeze the bottle in just a bit and put the lid back on to keep it lopsided and prevent it from being crushed completely, this will make a nice alluring crinkle sound that dogs love.

– Grab an old fluffy sock or a new one, and put the water bottle inside, you’ll want to tie off the sock to leave this little extra room inside it’s possible you can even consider cutting off the excess if you want.

– Toss it to your pooch and give him something to do for a little while.


Hack 2:DIY Slow Feeder

If your dog eats too fast from time to time, it can lead to an upset stomach then try one of these hacks:

-Place a ball and the bowls and cut off their full access to the kibble, it will force your dog to move the ball around to get to the food.


hack dog

Another method to slow your fast eater is to use a muffin tin to spread out all the dog food.

– If you want to turn it into a game you can cut old tennis balls in half and cover up each cup, it’ll leave your dog with a small challenge to work around that sure to slow him down while also entertaining him.

Hack 3:DIY flea shampoo

– Fleas can strike it anytime, even if you stay on top of a treatment plan, it can

still happen.

Here’s, one of my favorite hacks, a tried and testedhomemade flea shampoo:

– Start off with a measuring cup and grab a bottle of jar to mix everything.

– Pour half a cup of water into your container.

– Follow it up with four tablespoons of Dawn dish soap.

– Adds four tablespoons of white vinegar.

– Mix it all together inside the container.

Before using the homemade flea shampoo:

– Make sure you protect his eyes, is soap and vinegar and isn’t very pleasant in your dog’s eyes.

-Work up a nice lather as the dish soap, it will help kill any fleas and with vinegar will help repel them.

– Let your dog sit with the lather built up for about five minutes.

-While you wait you can run a fine-tooth comb through his fur and get any dead fleas out or even living one.

– Finally dry your dog as usual.


Hack 4: DIY Stain Remover

– First lot up any liquid that you can with the paper towel.

– Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top of the stain and let it sit.

-Make half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

– Mixed it all up, you can use it right from the container or add it to a small spray bottle.

– Apply the liquid to the spot directly onto the baking soda and scrub back and forth until the stain lifts off completely.


Hack 5: How to Make an Auto Water bowl

– Grab a piece of scrap wood, it can be square or circular, find a piece of 2×4 roughly the length of a recycled soda bottle.

– Attach it to one edge of the baseboard with wood glue and then let it dry.                    – Fastening all together with two screws.


hacks dog



– Used a curved 2-liter soda bottle or one that’s similar in shape.

– Secure it with a four inch PVC coupler.

– Use a hacksaw or angle grinder to cut out about an inch off the coupler, this openings not only going to make it easier to drill two screws through the coupler in two by four, but it turns the coupler into a bottle holder.

– Place a large bowl on the baseboard, and simply slide a two-liter bottle filled with water into the dispenser.

– Twist off the cap and allow the bowl to fill with water on its own, it’ll stop dispensing water once the level reaches the bottleneck opening.

Your dog will be sure to enjoy a constant supply of water without you having to worry about filling up the bold nearly as often.

Dog Food, What And How You Should Feed Your Dog

food dog

How much and how often you should give food dog to your dog?


As owners, we concerned about our pets health and the food our dogs eat, and we certainly prefer the best dog food for our dogs.

Good food and a balanced diet are essential for our pets health, So what’s the best dog food for our canine companions?dog food The answer to this question depends on what kind of food you are looking for?

– Should you feed your pet dog canned, dry or homemade food?
– And of course, does how you feed your dog matter?
– Finally, do you feed a puppy or an adult dog?

After taking into consideration dozens of criteria, we set out the best dog food should contain:

– No chemical conservatives.
– No unspecified meat consistent.
– Free of generic animal fats.
– A considerable quantity of meat-based protein.
– Fat-to-protein ration less than 75%.
– Small carbohydrate content.

Commercial and homemade dog food

We all know that commercial dog food is available in three forms, canned, dry and semi-moist.
– Semi-moist contain the large amounts of artificial chemical additives.
– Dry foods contain about 90% dry matter and 10% water. They are a blended mixture of grains, meat and meat by-products, fats, mineral and vitamins.
– Canned dog food contains 68-78% water and 22-32% dry matter.
– Most dogs prefer canned or homemade diet.

Does how you feed your dog matter?

– What and when you feed your puppy can define him when he is older.
– Your dog diet will also affect its general health.
– Water should be available to your pet at all times – especially during heavy exercise to prevent dehydration and overheating.
– Adult dogs do well on just one or two meals a day but puppies need to eat more frequently.

Do you feed an adult dog or a puppy?


dog food




– Puppies require more calories and essential nutrients.
– Puppies may eat three to four times per day.
– If your puppy is under 7 months of age you should give him food specially formulated for puppies.
But if you have a larger breed dog:
– He may need to be fed puppy food until he is at least a year.
– Old adult dogs should be fed according to their size and energy needs.
– The adult dog generally eats one to two meals per day.
– Older dogs may require special diets as they are usually less active.
– Choose a good quality food found at your pet store or your vet’s office and use measuring cups to avoid over-serving.

Tips for your dog’s health:

– Be sure to consult your veterinarian If you are considering changing your dog’s diets or have questions about his nutrition.
– When it comes to snacking or using training treats too many treats will lead your pup to gain weight.
– To keep your dog trim you may want to try healthier snack options,low-calorie treats can include vegetables such as carrots and string beans or fruits such as bananas and apples.
-Be sure to include treats into your dog’s daily allowed calories.

There are also certain things you should not feed your dog like:


food dog

-Grapes onions.
-Macadamia nuts.
-Raisins and artificial sweeteners can be very harmful and poisonous to dogs excessive.
-Fat and meats or dairy products can also cause digestive distress or pancreatitis.

Remember just like humans a balanced diet and a good dog food is an important part of keeping your beloved dog active and healthy.

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10 Amazing Facts You Probably Never know About Your Canine Companions

canine companions

 Facts  About Our Canine Companions 


Do you think you know everything about your Canine companions ?

Think again !

Can dogs really sniff out cancer?

Check out these 10 amazing facts about your dog .


Fact one

We all love to share meals with our four- legged friends, as well as there are a lot of items that are safe to share, but there are plenty of items that dog should not eat.

You might think that meat is good for our dogs since it is the main part of their diet, but very fatty meats such as sausage or bacon can actually lead to upset stomachs, obeisity  pancareatitis.

canine companions

Fact two

All young puppies should receive the proper vaccines for the area they live in.

Too many vaccines are a problem but we have them for a reason the disease’s we vaccinate against, such as distemper and parvovirus are deadly

diseases that post serious threats to unvaccinated Canine Companions.

canine companions

Fact three

Your pet dog can feel jealousy.A 2008 study published in the journal Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences found that when a dog saw another dog get a treat for the same trick they’d been performing unrewarded, they becomes agitated scratching themselves and avoiding the gaze of the rewarded Dog.

canine companions

Fact four

  Did you ever notice the bad odor of your dog’s breath?

Bad breath is the result of a build-up of odor producing bacteria in dog’s moth well if it’s constant, you might want to get your to a veterinarian this can be a sign of dental disease or other health problems.

canine companions

Fact Five

Research at the Schillerhohe Hospital in Germany found dogs have an incredible capacity to recognise the smell of a range of organic compounds that show the human body isn’t working as it should.

That means your dog can actually diagnose your cancer, something scientists are eager to explore further, as well as diabetes and the early signs of an epileptic seizure.

So if your dog is acting strange there might be nothing wrong with him – the problem could be with you.

canine companions

Answer 10 Questions And know What Animal Are You – Quiz


What Animal Are You?

Have you ever wondered  What animal you are? , which creature from the animal kingdom is most alike your self?

If you want to find out what animal profile that fits you best, just answer these 10 questions.

Simply answer A, B, C, D or E

Answer for each question and keep track of your points.  and add them up at the end to find out your result.

Let’s started

1- Choose one sport from the following

A- Football or Soccer Or Basketball.
B- Table Tennis or Tennis.
C- lacross or Cricket or Baseball.
D- Hockey Or Golf.
E- Wrestling or Boxing.

A = 30 points, B = 10 points, C = 20 points, D = 40 points, E = 50 points

2- How do You Respond when someone insults you ?

A- Get angry, but do nothing.
B- I blush or start crying. 
C- I punch them. 
D- Doesn't affect me at all. 
E- Ignore them.

A = 40 points, B = 30 points, C = 50 points, D = 20 points, E =10 points

3- How would you prefer to travel ?

A- By aeroplane.
B- By train.
C- By boat or ship.
D- By bus.
E- Private car or bike.

A = 40 points, B = 30 points, C = 20 points, D = 10 points, E = 50 points

4- How does your social circle look like ?

A- A bunch of old friends.
B- Mostly just family.
C- A small circle of loyal friends.
D- A bunch of new friends.
E- Im alone wolf and stick to myself.

A = 20 points, B = 10 points, C = 30 points, D = 50 points, E = 40 points

5- What is your dominant emotion ?

A- Courage.
B- Love.
C- Anger.
D- Fear.
E- Hate.

A = 30 points , B = 20 points, C = 40 points, D = 50 points, E= 10 points

6- How aggressive are you ?

A- Strong willed, but not aggressive.
B- Very aggressive. 
C- Im peaceful and friendly. 
D- A little aggressive. 
E- Extremely aggressive.

A = 20 points, B = 40 points, C = 10 points, D = 30 points, E = 50 points

7- What would you rather eat ?

A- Vegetables.
B- Junk food.
C- Fruits.
D- Sweets.
E- Meat.

A = 10 points, B = 30 points, C = 40 points, D = 50 points, E = 20 points

8- What is your worst quality ?

A- Im inscure.
B- Im Clumsy.
C- Im perfect.
D- Im lazy.
E- Im too quite.

A = 40 points, B = 30 points, C = 50 points, D = 20 points, E = 10 points

9- How atheletic are you ?

A- Enjoy sport occasionally.
B- I work out regularly.
C- I hate exercice or sport. 
D- Im generally inactive. 
E- Im extremely athletic.

A = 30 points, B = 40 points, C = 10 points, D = 20 points , E = 50 points

10- What would upset you most ?

A- Being lied to my face.
B- Being alone.
C- Being interrupted.
D- When a good book or movie ends.
E- Being Ignored.

A = 40 points, B = 20 points, C = 50 points, D = 10 points, E = 30 points

Best Insurance Plan For Your Pet

pet insurance

Important factors before choosing your pet insurance

There are a lot of things to love about man’s best friend, but a hefty vet bill can take a big bite out of your budget, and having pet insurance can really help offset some emergency costs that you might not plan for.

Every owner plans for the monthly charges that he’ll get with his pet, but if your pet swallow a toy or a bone or get injured, you can have a 1,000 or 2,000 dollar bill instantly, that you weren’t prepared for.

No doubt we all prefer the best healthcare for all our family especially the ones with four legs, but how can you be sure you’ve choose the best health care plan for your pet.

Consumers advocate org have done research for you and range pet insurance companies based on five important factors.

  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Benefit limits.
  • Deductible type.
  • Payout model.
  • Verified reviews.

The top ranked companies covers accidents and illnesses including hereditary and congenital conditions in pet the ones that require some of the most costly treatments

Lower ranked companies may offer a cheaper premium but beware your coverage may have some holes.

Top range companies offer unlimited benefits because the last thing you want is for your coverage to run out before your pet treatment has been completed.

There are three deductible types of plans that cover wellness, illness, emergency and more:

Annual: You pay it only once a year making it easier to your
Per condition: May be good for chronic conditions but could
        be costly for treating multiple conditions.
Per incident: It has to be paid every time.

Top 7 insurance companies for your pet’s health

As a pet parents, you should provide your dog or cat with the best care, therefore, we offer you top American insurance companies based on the five important factors.