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Dog Not Fan Of Walkies Seems Like White koala


Dog Not Fan Of Walkies Seems Like White koala

Meet Porter – The World’s First Driving Dog


Dogs this smart deserve a home.❤️🐾Every year, the SPCA need to find homes for thousands of dogs just like Porter — dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or just forgotten.

2 Australian Shepherds Send Themselves To Cage After Misbehavior

Australian Shepherds

This is the adorable moment 2 Australian Shepherds send themselves to their cages after the dog-sitter comes home to a teared bed

Any dog owner can recognize “The Look”

Dogs know we’ll be upset with them when they do something wrong.

Showed you that guilty appearance that’s unmistakable and run away to the corner just to escape owner’s temporary rage.

Australian Shepherds

Dogs, Generally, misbehave when you leave them at home, it can cause a lot of stress, what makes your dog act out.

When the dog sitter came home, he noticed the two Australian Shepherds making a guilty face,  he immediately knew something was wrong.


Cruel Abuse Against A Dog In North Charleston

dog abused

Caitlyn’s story

Cruel Abuse Against A dog In North Charleston

In North Charleston … a 15-month-old dog named Caitlyn that was found with her snout taped shut so tightly she needed surgery is doing well and does not require additional procedures, animal society officials said.

The dog, a Chocolate Staffie Mix, was found on a doorstep with the electrical tape wrapped tightly around her muzzle, Fox Carolina reports.

dog In North Charleston

Charleston Animal SocietyVeterinary thought she would never survive the brave dog underwent reconstructive surgery.

After many surgeries, she slowly made her miraculous recovery

justice served, 2 years after

the sentence was 5 years in prison for William Leonard Dodson (42 years old )

( The State maximum punishment For Animal Cruelty ).

Judge Markley Dennis said in sentence:” he wished the penalty could be harder “.

 ” Im not traying to be mean, but I wish I could give you more”

dog In North Charleston2

Caitlyn story has captured the hearts of millions around the world including abused women.

they wrote letters thanking her for never give up and inspiring them to do the same.

Caitlyn inspiring story

Someone Killed Her Dogs With Antifreeze


Clinton Twp woman says someone killed her dogs with antifreeze

Michele Wilson, knew something wasn’t right with her puppies.

Her feelings of dread were affirmed once she took them to the vet.

Now she’s convinced and what happened to them was no accident

“I’m afraid to let Honeybear run around in my yard,” said Michele Wilson. “I can’t let her loose. I’ve had her for eight years. She’s what’s left of my best friends.”

The Catahoula Cur named Honeybear is Wilson’s last surviving dog after three others died in the span of a couple of days.

just dogs lover

Wilson says it all started last Tuesday.

“I saw my wolf dog looking drunk and disorderly,” she said. “I immediately called my brother and asked him to come over and told him there’s something wrong with my dog.”

Vets at Advanced Animal Care Emergency determined her puppy to have ethylene glycol harming. A natural compound frequently found in radiator fluid.

One by one, her other dogs showed the same symptoms. One of them was practically in a coma.

“They came in what we call clinical, so definitely showing signs of kidney failure,” said Dr. Matthew Hynes. “I will tell you they were declining quite rapidly.”

“I’ve been told you can dip food substances into it and some people enjoy tossing it over the fence so they can watch people’s animals die,” Wilson said.

Wilson says Clinton Township Police and creature control looked through her yard and carport however did not discover anything that would’ve harmed her dogs.

“I don’t know if it’s somebody mad because I had four dogs,” she said.”, I had people come by and kick the fences. I had a guy a couple of streets down come over here and squeeze that black pit bull over there when she was a puppy.”