Dog Could Not Contain Her Excitement When She Saw Rain For The First Time

In South Africa, rain is rare. When it falls, it does not pretend.

Until now, this dog had never seen a single drop. The surprise was great when a beautiful downpour recently fell. Her owner did not hesitate to pick up the camera to film this surprising reaction, which gives us a smile!

Breeders Dump Paralyzed Dog Because Her Next Delivery Would Be Expensive

Maria the Dachshund was forced to breed even though she was a paralyzed dog from the hips down. But when her breeders realized that her next delivery would require a $3,000 C-section, they abandoned her without hesitation.

Man’s Best Friend, Girlfriend Tells Boyfriend ” Either The Dog Goes Or I Go”

We all know that dog is man’s best friend, and most of human love to live with dogs cause they are loyal, good entertainers and love us unconditionally, and that is more than can be said for some humans….

Facebook Picture Saves Dog From Being Euthanized

Facebook Picture Saves Dog From Being Euthanized

In Sydney, Australia, a Facebook Picture Saves Dog’s life

This dog euthanasia was scheduled in a few days. People had been moved by her fate and did everything to prevent her from being put down.

Get A Dog That Looks At You Like Jay-Z Looks At Beyonce

Dogs are the key to happiness for middle-aged women, Ali Wentworth said. When she walks into the house, her dog Cooper treats her like Beyonce just walked in.