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Can You Feed Your Dog leftovers? Reasons Why You Shouldn’t !

Can you Feed your Dog leftovers

Can I feed my dog leftovers?

Is it a good thing to give the scraps of lunch or dinner to your dog? can you feed your dog leftovers? Of course, the answer is no.
There is nothing worse for the health and behavior of his dog than treat it as a “trash” table. We count many reasons for this.

The classic scene: you are eating alone or with your family, the plate in your hands or on the table, and the dog is sitting there, staring at the dish and waiting patiently.

It is certainly difficult to resist the look that implores you, but it is necessary for the good of everyone, starting with the dog itself. Feed your dog leftovers is not a good idea.

This is part of the bad eating habits that contribute greatly to canine obesity and promote all kinds of digestive disorders. Therefore, the health of the dog that is put at risk, along with his behavior and his life in the family.

Foods that are not adapted to the specific needs of your dog

The dog’s nutritional needs are different from ours. His body requires a number of nutrients and rejects others, many of which are part of our daily menus. Lactose, onions, garlic, egg white, salted meats and sausages, raisins, mushrooms, and chocolate are almost everywhere on our plates. And it’s all about harmful foods for your dog.
By giving him the scraps of your meal, it is therefore likely to harm his health by making him absorb one of these foods that his stomach cannot digest.

Vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems may result. In addition, our diet is likely to contain significant levels of sugar, salt, and fats. These are, again, dangers to the health of dogs, which are sadly more numerous to suffer from obesity.

Also remember bones, especially the smallest ones (chicken, rabbit, etc.).  Can cause choking and internal damage when being ingested by your doggie.

A bad habit that encourages undesirable behavior

Give the scraps of the table to your dog is detrimental to the health of your canine companion.  But not only, It is also affecting his education and his behavior.

If he was used to receiving food from your plate after or during meals, he will begin to claim it systematically.

In the best case, it will be sitting there staring at what you are eating, which is already unpleasant, especially for your guests. Some dogs become very insistent, even aggressive.  Making lunches and dinners tense, whereas they should be moments of well-being.

From the start, you must make it clear to your dog that he should not roam around the table during meals. Your dog must respect this rule.

Give him only his food. And nothing else

Your pet should receive a balanced diet adapted not only to his dog status (croquettes or home-cooked meals) but also according to his breed, his size, his age or his condition  (sick dog, pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.).

As for treats, you must control the amount given to your dog.Even those that are specially made for dogs.
They allow, certainly, to facilitate education by giving it as rewards. However, you must give it wisely so as not to unbalance his diet.

Remember you should never feed your dog leftovers

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Incredible,  German Shepherd Sings With His Owner (Video)

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

Maximus is a  signing German Shepherd dog who has a lot of talent. And he proves it regularly since he loves to accompany his owner when he takes a shower. But not only that. What Maximus loves above all else is that when his owner starts to sing in the shower. Watch below German Shepherd sings with his owner (Video)

German Shepherd Sings With His Owner

At first, Maximus is lying not far from the shower and begins to hear his owner. After a few seconds of listening attentively, Maximus starts his turn and begins to accompany his owner in his song by “singing” in concert with him! A really nice moment of sharing between an animal and his owner.

And if you wonder what is the song, it is Edouard Khil’s popular song entitled “Trolololo”.

So do you like it?

Photos Credit: Youtube

This Adorable Dog Always Comes To See His Owner Take His Bath, The Reason Will Make You Laugh

Adorable dog

Here is an attentive adorable doggie !

Clark is an adorable dog. Whenever his human is going to take a shower or taking a bath, he is present! And if at first, his human was a little surprised. It must be said that Clark has an adorable reason for doing this: he wants to help his owner to pass this painful test.

An adorable dog

Not only does Clark spend long minutes looking after his owner in showers taken bath, he’s even better. After a few minutes, he goes for a toy and throws it at his master as if to offer him a small compensation to cheer him up during this ordeal.

Because he hates bathing, Clark thinks naturally that his humans feel the same way. It is therefore by the pure kindness that he assists him during these moments and even offers him his toys!

The owner wrote on twitter

Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I’ll feel better

Clark’s owner was able to photograph all this, he simply explained that as his dog always behaves like that during showers or baths, it was not difficult to use his phone once to keep it a souvenir.

Otherwise, Clark is also a very normal dog who loves to play outside, to pose for many pictures and to sleep!

Here is the original tweet:


Photos Credit: Twitter

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Dog Dumped in Trash Bag When The Savior Knows The Truth He Can’t Hold Back His Tears


A garbage collector did not expect to save a poor soul dumped in a trash bag.

Nathan Benny works as a garbage collector in the borough of New Station Pennsylvania. over his time on the job he’d no doubt come across some unusual items discarded in people’s trash bag. but one day he made a harrowing discovery, although he usually doesn’t pay much attention to the garbage he picks up or looking inside the trash can he empties, that day something caught his attention.

Nothing could have prepared Benny for what he would find inside the trash, he uncovered a terrified young dog. She was sheltering in a garbage sack with just her tiny head sticking up.

The poor dog barely had the strength to pull his head out of the garbage bag. Nathan could not believe his eyes. this discovery even shocked him.
It sort of scared me actually”, Bennie admitted, ” I feel bad when I see nice toys in the trash, but a puppy like that – it’s just horrible”

Cruel act

After having a little trouble getting the poor dog out of the garbage bag, it was only then he realizes the true extent of the animal suffering.
” you could see every bone, she was shivering and shaking. It was just horrific”, Bennie said.

The garbage man decided to help the poor dog, so he offered her his lunch. and called  Humane Society of Westmoreland County for help.


Before putting her in their vehicle, the volunteers dressed the dog with a sweater to keep his body temperature.

Examined by a veterinarian, the young German shepherd mix- named Fauna – was so dehydrated that it was impossible to get a blood test. But it is something else that shocked the volunteers: the dog had a chip identification! In a few minutes, they found her owner.

A women called Nicole was Funa’s owner she adopted her from a shelter. However, she moved to another state three days before Benny found the animal.

She later admitted to heartlessly dumping the little dog before moving to Texas with her boyfriend. As a result, authorities decided to charge her with animal cruelty.

This owner’s action shocked even her daughter, Brittany who lived next door, had no idea of the cruelty her mother was capable of, she said the last time she’d seen the dog, she was completely healthy.


” I was so upset, I felt like I was going to throw up.  I was so sick to my stomach about everything. would believe it. That garbage can is right over there. I didn’t hear anything. No one hears anything. No one knew. It’s disgusting”, the daughter said.

A particularly cruel act for which this woman was obviously punished. But there is also good news in all this since Fauna was lucky to find a family and a new home where she is loved.

Hope this is enough to make her “forget” this difficult and shocking past.

photo credit: youtube

Director Kevin Smith Shares Moving Tribute To His Dying Dog

Kevin Smith With His daying dog Mulder

American actor and director Kevin Smith has written a beautiful letter to his dying dog

Any dog lover knows the life of our four-legged friends is too short, and losing one brings a lot of pain and sadness. This heartbreaking moment, Kevin Smith has recently experienced. he, in fact, lost his man’s best friend Mulder.

He shared a moving letter full of sadness and love before the death of his dog.and he posted a photo, on his Facebook account, of him caring Mulder in his arms, with the news that Mulder was dying.

He wrote

“Dark day in our household: our oldest dog Mulder is dying. As I’ve spent the last year carrying him around like Hodor, I’m not taking this terribly well. They never tell you when you get a dog, but there is a price to pay for being the recipient of 17 years of unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship: they take a huge chunk of your heart with them when they go. I’m reminded of a line from DOCTOR WHO, Series 2 – the “School Reunion” episode (which featured the return of Sara Jane Smith and the robot dog K-9, ironically enough): “You can spend the rest of your life with me… but I can’t spend the rest of my life with you.” And later, when Rose asks Sara Jane if she should go with the Doctor, Sara Jane responds “Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.” Mulder was beyond worth it. Fuck, this hurts…”

A few hours later, Mulder passed away. Around 1 pm that day, he updated his Facebook status and wrote:

1 pm UPDATE:

“He’s gone. RIP Mulder, my Buddy-Man. Thank you for 17 years of sheer joy and affection. It took a dog like you to make me a better person. If you’re a dog-owner, go hug your dog a little tighter tonight. If you’re not a dog-owner, think about becoming one. It’s all love.Good night sweet Mulder. Rest in Peace”.

Please SHARE this with everyone, and remember then to hug your pet close to your heart as much as you can while they are still with you.


He Takes His Dog To The Vet And Makes A Request That Shocks Everyone


Fortunately, the vet made the right decision for this adorable dog

A few days before Christmas, an owner takes his dog to the vet clinic to put her down. Tracy -a four-year-old boxer dog- was used in Abusive breeding programs.

Worried as his dog is no longer able to have puppies, the man wanted to know if she is still able. Otherwise, he wanted to euthanize the poor soul.

“He asked the vet if she could have more puppies, and if she couldn’t, the only thing he would pay for would be Euthanasia“.

Knowing that the dog needed help and care, the brave veterinarian, who stepped up to save her, contacted an association so that it could take care of the poor Tracy who was so thin that she was barely able to stand up on her feet.
The breeder reported that it had been about 7-10 days since Tracy had last eaten.

A starving dog

After several examinations and no improvement in her condition. They made the decision to transfer her to an animal hospital that had 24×7 care and observation. Tracy has not progressed.
AABR consulted with her vet made the decision to have a feeding tube inserted because Tracy is not eating on her own, the dog began to catch her hair and could then be entrusted to a host family to finally receive all the love she deserves.

Remember Tracy, the Amish puppy mill momma who after the breeder found out she couldn’t have puppies said he would pay no more care than to euthanize this poor soul, and the brave veterinarian who stepped up to save her? Your outpouring of thoughts and prayers were INCREDIBLE, and we have an update. On arrival at the previous vet hospital in Lancaster County, The Amish famer had reported that it had been about 7-10 days since Tracy had last eaten. The vet thought it may have been Pancreatitis, and began treatment. After days of no improvement, we made the decision to transfer her to an animal hospital that had 24×7 care and observation. Since moving her on Tuesday evening, Tracy has not progressed. AABR consulted with her current vet, and made the decision to have a feeding tube inserted because Tracy is not eating on her own. She is still incredibly weak, cannot stand without support and still seems so defeated and lethargic. It breaks our hearts to think that someone could ever neglect an animal to this degree and feel no remorse, but that’s exactly how these Amish breeders operate. How can she be thrown away so easily? Once he heard she could no longer make him money, she became a disposable asset.While we are unsure of her prognosis at this time, Tracy is stable but not doing well. Thus far, the talented team at the veterinary emergency hospital that has been caring for her have been unable to pinpoint the source of her issues, and so we’ve decided to advance her to the University of Pennsylvania animal hospital for further care and testing. Adopt a Boxer Rescue turns no boxers away, and our only goal is to give them the life they deserve no matter how old, sick or destitute. Tracy needs us, but more importantly, she needs YOU! Please share her story to help make known the injustice dogs like her continue to suffer. It’s only through your collective voices that we can grow strong enough to overcome the scourge of commercial and abusive breeding programs!Please donate to Tracy’s care at https://www.adoptaboxerrescue.com/donate/Tracy has been moved to the University Of Pa specialty hospital. They do not know what is causing all her symptoms. While they are running tests she is being feed through a feeding tube and is getting lots of attention and love from the critical care nurses!!Please donate to help her.We are not taking applications at this time.

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Friday, December 22, 2017


In her new home, Tracy lives with four other Boxers and seems perfectly comfortable. She also eats very well.
In a few weeks, Tracy could even be placed for adoption to meet her new family for life. In the meantime, she continues to get used to her new life every day.
while an investigation has been launched to shut down the place from where she came.

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