For Eagle Scout Project This Teenager Builds 150 Beds For Shelter Dogs

Chance Call, a teenager from the state of Utah in the United States, is preparing a unique project to earn the Eagle Scout rank. Shelter dogs will be the beneficiaries of this project, which will probably have a direct impact on their living conditions.

Starving, This Dog Was Saved Just In Time

Poor Lena lived alone in the street and needed help to stay alive.

Lena’s story was turned upside down the day she crossed the road of a Takis Shelter volunteer. That day, the dog was prostrate between two garbage cans, starving. Frightened and strongly emaciated, Lena was initially suspicious of seeing the man approaching her, but soon realized that she needed his help if she wanted to live.

How To Train An Older Dog

Is it possible to train an older dog? can you train an older dog?

The answer is YES but I will not lie to you, training is much easier for puppies or young dogs because they are more receptive and assimilate more easily and quickly. That’s why it’s important to start education and training as early as possible.

This Puppy Was Hit By A Train Lost An Eye And Two Legs Before Finding New Loving Family

This little doggy soon recovered after his accident, thanks to his positive attitude, a beautiful new wheelchair and the support of the wildlife association.

Postman Stops In Front Of Houses For Long Minutes, What He Does Next Has Touched Everyone

A man with a golden heart and his wonderful story.

It’s on Twitter that this wonderful story has recently been shared. That of Fernando, a dog lover and especially a man with a big heart. It’s Fernando’s own daughter who wanted to tell his story.