Stray Dog Steals A Book, But Not Just Any Book (video)

Stray Dog Steals A Book, His Story Goes Around The World

Stray dog steals a book, his story goes around the world

This is the story of a homeless dog living in Brazil. For a reason that everyone does not know, this brave dog with a sad look decided to settle on the campus of Feevale University.
But the story of this wandering doggie is far from stopping there. Once on the campus, he decided to get closer to the bookstore where he settled down. Not content to hang around this bookstore, this stray dog steals a book, and not just any book since he chose the title “Days of Abandonment“. A title that falls right for an abandoned dog. The action was filmed by the surveillance camera, this dog (and his book) went around the world. But his story does not stop there.

Da história “o cachorro que roubava livros” só tem na Infinity, galera! 😂🐶

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This week, after more than 700,000 views on the video, an animal rescue association decided to take charge of this brave doggie. Brought to the vet, the dog was able to take a bath and receive several vaccines. But that’s not all.

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Now settled in a host family where he receives all the love he needs, the dog is now waiting to meet his family for life to begin a new chapter in his life.

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

She was thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter after her pet passed away

After losing her dog in April 2017, Karine was thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter. Her crush fell on Ayanna, a Romanian dog that had just been saved. But Ayanna was not alone.

Ayanna came from a shelter in Romania, partner of the association the Ark of Eternity. In her country of origin, she had narrowly escaped death … “It was the crush of this pretty pooch looking so sad,” Karine said. Her choice was made: Ayanna would join her family!

Ayanna had a puppy

But Ayanna was not alone … “We learned that the puppy that was in her cage … was hers! We must admit that they are not alike at all, so we did not imagine that when seeing their pictures in the first time, fortunately, because we might not have chosen Ayanna if we knew she had a baby “, Admits Karine. “But there, our heart was already ready to welcome her, so we decided to take him too”.

In June 2017, Ayanna and her baby, Malongo, arrived at the airport: “We had only one hurry: bring them back home quickly so that they finally find rest, together,” says Karine. The first days were not simple: “Ayanna has adapted very quickly, but for Malongo, things have been more difficult because he is very fearful of humans. How could such a young puppy (he was 4 months old when he arrived at home) have been so traumatized by humans? Asks the happy owner.

Subsequently, it was necessary to teach everything to the two dogs: walking on a leash, the wearing of the harness, cleanliness … For Karine, “they are very intelligent, and their love for us does the rest.” Very close, the two dogs move together, at their own pace, and protect each other.

We must take into account the past of the dog

Today, the whole family is happier than ever, and Karine testifies: “The relationship is very strong between us and full of respect because Ayanna was really an exemplary mother who managed to save at least 2 of her babies, she can be proud of her. And her love for her son is seen every day, she continues to educate it is very cute! As for Malongo, “he finally discovers what it’s like to be a puppy, to play, to do stupid things, everything he did not do when he arrived; and we are happy to see him discovering things like making bubbles in the water dish with his snout! ”

She Was Thinking Of Adopting A Dog From A Shelter, But Everything Goes Differently!

To those who think about adopting a dog from a shelter or somewhere else, Karine has only one advice: “to understand that an abandoned dog has had a life before the one you offered to him, that you had to understand his good and bad character, ” She readily admits that even having had the first dog for 10 years, she was far from knowing everything about the canine companion and its needs: “With Malongo and Ayanna, I discovered dog language. I make discoveries every day on the positive education, the respect of the animal instinct, allow them to tell us no when they don’t want to caresses … “And conclude:” There are many things to learn from our animals and from education websites! “

To Feed A Stray Hungry Dog This Bus Driver Stops Every Morning

Bus Driver Stops To Feed A Stray hungry Dog

Every Day A Stray hungry Dog Waits At The Bus Stop To Eat Food

The story of this bus driver, a members community that looks after distributing the donated food and Feeds the Furbabies Canada, has moved many social media users, especially through Facebook. Her friendship with a stray hungry dog that she watches over every day is, indeed, most touching.

It’s the small gestures as it is here that can help make this world a better place to live for all. Small attentions that do not cost much and significantly change the lives of people who benefit. In this case, it is a stray dog who enjoys the kindness of a woman with whom he would not miss his morning appointment for anything in the world.

This bus driver,  who prefer to stay anonymous, had noticed the pup for the first time 2 years ago. Extremely skinny, he searched the garbage cans, desperately trying to find something to eat. Later on, when she saw the dog on the road, she threw him some food. Since then, it has become a habit.

Every day, during her tour, she stops briefly to give the stray dog a bag full of good things. The animal is still there, sitting patiently on the side of the road, happily wagging its tail, waiting for the bus to arrive and its door opens. He then takes the food and leaves immediately running to enjoy his meal.

In the video below, posted on Furbabies Canada’s Facebook page (based in Winnipeg, Manitoba), you can discover this unusual and touching scene. She also shows that the dog seems to have gained weight thanks to the one who thinks of him every day …

We need more people in the world like this person God bless her

Such brilliant and loving creatures. Did you see the tail wag? This was captured by one of the community members who looks after distributing the donated food that Feed The Furbabies Canada collects. Thank you for all your hard work.💗This little guy has a full belly tonight. Please donate if you can. Etransfers can be sent to or through our PayPal link found on our home page.

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Simple Dog DNA Test Helped Hurricane Harvey Dog Sibling Reunion

Dog DNA Test reunites sibling pups 

Dog DNA Test reunites sibling pups 

After the Hurricane Harvey, we have read many human and pet beautiful reunion stories. Recently, two pet have reunited because of a simple Dog DNA test called Embark.

Parents of the two dogs, one named Daegyeon from Long Island-New York and his brother Ollie from Birmingham – Alabama, found out about each other.

After two years searching for a good pup, Hye and San adopted Daegyeon, ” when we meet him, we immediately fall in love,” they said.

They also said that at first, they thought him a pit bull and retriever mix, but when receiving his DNA result, they discovered he is a mix of eight breeds: Super Mutt, Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Boxer, American Eskimo Dog, Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever and a GSD.

Ollie and Daegyon’s owner stay in touch and share photos of the two pup. Hye and San hope to take Daegyon to Alabama to visit his brother Ollie soon.

Watch the video about Daegyon and Ollie Reunion : 

A Dog Suspected Victim Of Dog Fighting Needs A Home

Emerson, suspected to be a victim of dog fighting

Emerson suspected victim of dog fighting needs a home

His wounds have healed but deep scars remain. The dog called Emerson, suspected to be a victim of dog fighting is not easy to deal with, He needs training, patience and a correct socialization.
On Dec. 28, 2017, He was Found stray wandering at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, off of State Road 520 west of Cocoa – His injuries were probably caused by dog fighting.

“Emerson is a study in contradictions. He didn’t get the scarring all over, head, shoulders, body, and legs at a church bake sale,” George Shaw, who promotes shelter animals for adoption on social media, recently wrote on Facebook. “But … he is an extremely affectionate dog despite his pain and injury”.

Shaw says Emerson is a pit-bull and Patterdale terrier mix, about two years old and 56 pounds. He is “good on a leash, gentle with other dogs, and reported to be good with kids.”

He’s now not constantly so good with other pups, that may be explained by his condition coming into the animal shelter and probably his dogfighting history, shelter workers said.

Brave Dog

when found, Emerson was immediately taken to a veterinary emergency clinic for emergency care, shelter staff stated, then transported to Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services’ Animal Care middle in Melbourne. where, he received care, such as surgical procedure of the big, deep injury on his left thigh and treatment for scratches and bites around his face, neck, and the front legs.

It could be from a person. Or from a machine. It could be from a car,”Sarah Boyd, the shelter veterinarian said. “He’s healed. That deep cut on his skin is well healed.

Although they can’t say for sure, shelter officials presume Emerson’s injuries were the consequence of either battling other strays over food or from organized dogfighting. Or he may have been a bait dog, a dog used to test another dog’s fighting capability.

Animal services completely handled and vaccinated Emerson and neutered him. He tested bad for heartworm.
Volunteers and staff walk him every day. He knows essential charges, they say, and takes an interest every day to play with other dogs.

Emerson isn’t always an angel. He has moments “shown adverse behavior toward different dogs, however not during play time,” shelter staff said.

They hope for an appropriate owner since Emerson already got adopted on Feb 6, then returned a few days later, the adopter explain that he was so hard to handle at home.

Emerson got adopted a second time but returned two days later this time he bites a smaller dog after he manages to escape from the garage of the home and while not under the leash control.

 Sometimes he has shown that he can play with other dogs, while at other time he manifests an adverse attitude toward other dogs

The Perfect Matching

He needs a home where understanding his need and his behavior due to his history, a person who can handle his training and socialization.

Workers said that Emerson has showing friendly attitude during his stay at the shelter, he was energetic and happy even the bad time he has passed through. He recovers very well, his scarfs are fully healed.

This Dog is just a simple example of all those sad stories about neglected canine. He is still having a full and given heart, » Shaw wrote on Facebook.  « If you look through his marks of what was done to him you will see a generous pup. Emerson is mindful, he listens, and obeys, commands. He shows humor, energy, and positive attitude ».

Emerson overcomes his fears the fear that he experienced and suffered, Shaw added  Sometimes you meet a dog that has climbed a higher mountain than you have and has done as such without emotional harm. Some dogs do better than humans.