The dog you choose can say a lot about your Personality

we all Know that dog are man best friend, but did you know that dogs can reveal many secrets about your Hidden Personality.
Several Studies suggest that the type of dog breed that you choose can tell a lot about your personality.
We are about to show you 19 dogs, and the dog you pick will reveal your personality.

 Bichon Frise : bichon

  • It seems you’re growth-oriented and have tremendous mental resources.
  • You are a self-confident person.
  • Beauty is an important part of your life.
  • You gravitate towards a classy and artistic lifestyle. you’re naturally sociable.
  • You feel great when you are with your family or among a group of friends.
  • However, you take a great deal of time and effort with your work and study too.
  • if you are interested in something, you do your best.
  • Your passion is to make a real difference in the world and you know “if can dream it,     you can do it”.
  • you are able to make anything you do a success!

 Basset Hound : 

basset hound

  • You are a truly original character who prefers to create and to experiment rather than follow traditions.
  • You can care about fair-play, integrity, and harmony.
  • You have a funny side but you also have an important level of seriousness: you care about other people’s feelings.
  • Don’t give in to doubt, seek guidance when you need it!
  • You will do your best if they need your help!
  • rich and exciting dream life.
  • work with great dedication toward your goals but sometimes you let criticism get the best of you.