Pit bull puppy dumped like trash

Dumped like garbage on July 10, 2019, just yards from the doors of the Washington Humane Rescue Alliance. Nobody cared enough about Shepherd, the 9-month-old pit bull puppy, to give him the love and care he needed.

The starving underweight pit bull puppy was covered in mange, severely emaciated, and barely breathing.

He was weak that he couldn’t move; the rescue worker who found him gathered that Shepherd had been lying in the gutter, alone, for 12 long and lonely hours.

The pit bull puppy , too weak to carry the weight of his own body, was rushed to the animal hospital. When vets tried to extract blood for testing, the puppy’s blood was so thick from dehydration that the vets feared his organs would fail.

But after a week in the animal hospital, Shepherd’s will to live showed signs of revival. He headed to a loving foster home with dog fosterer Kim O’Keefe, where he has since been thriving.

Shepherd was dumped just around the corner from a shelter, where he lay in the gutter for 12 hours. There's a $10K reward for an arrest.

Posted by WUSA 9 on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Now, the search is on for the negligent owner who left the puppy out with the garbage to perish.

“He has been the most easygoing, laid-back puppy,” O’Keefe told  WUSA9. The dog lover is taking care of sweet Shepherd at her home in Burke, Virginia, until he is healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

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