Nobody realized it was there until a police dog detected it

Last week, a police dog from Mexico City was sniffing parcels, when he stopped on a large box sealed with tape.
The officers realized that something was wrong with this specific box, So they cut the tape and opened it.

The sniffer police dog was meant to look for contraband but…

They find a Bengal tiger of approximately two-months-old. And it seems he was transported in bad conditions.

The animal was asleep for transport and had only a few holes to breathe. He had neither food nor water.

It is a species cataloged in danger of extinction, due to illegal hunting to use its skin.

police dog- bengal tigerAccording to the police, the tiger sent from Jalisco State in the west to Queretaro State.

Though the tiger’s ownership paper were in order, The fact remains that the way of doing this trip was neither more nor less than cruelty and animal mistreatment.

When taken for treatment and rehydration, the tiger was too weak but otherwise in good shape.

If it is difficult to know Why this poor animal was sent in this way. It is likely to be a pet or serve as an attraction, which is common in Mexico where animals are drugged for then to be walked, photographed, caressed …

The Bengal tiger cub has been sent to the wildlife rescue Directorate of the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga.
All thanks to the sniffer dog at the postal center because of whom the animal is new safe and well treated.

Tiger cub found in mail by Mexican police dog


Photos Credit: Facebook