As she accompanied her owner into the forest for her daily walk, a 16-week-old dog fell into a dry well. It took the intervention of specialized firefighters in this type of situation to get Zella out of this bad patch, and to give it back to a landlord who was raving about his lifeguards for a day!

It is a great fear lived by Zella. This 16-week-old dog did not expect to get stuck in the middle of Sunday morning. Yet, during a forest walk with her owner, what appears to be an Australian Black Shepherd tribe ventured near a well.

The young dog did not see this hole, she found herself 8 feet from the surface, without having the opportunity to go back by itself. Her owner immediately joined the helpers who arrived as quickly as possible. Firefighters from South Killingly, located in Danielson, Connecticut, were able to provide Zella with expertise in this type of situation.

No injury!

Indeed, as Captain Joseph Lee said, “this fire department is made up of firefighters who have received specialized training in rope rescue in tight, enclosed areas.”

Thus, in less than half an hour, the usual soldiers of the fire were able to get down, recover Zella and make it go up. Her fall also caused no injury, as confirmed by the captain: “The dog was happy and unharmed. “What to receive the praise of the owner of the dog on social media. A recognition to which necessarily joins a dog who should be more cautious in the future.