Watch the reaction of this dog, that nobody wanted,  when he was saved!

Touched by the dog’s reaction! (Video)

By visiting the animal shelters, you can never miss the scene where little creatures who only seek love look out of their cages waiting for a good families that will give them a loving home, far from the coldness of these small cells that give no desire to survive, which is the case of the dog in this story who spent the majority of his life locked in a cage or attached to a chain.

But as Jabran Khalil Jabran said: “The deeper the sadness deepens in your being, the more you can contain joy” and it applies exactly like that when it comes to this little doggie, since the day a young lady came to adopt him, he could not contain the joy and love he felt towards her since it was going to change his life after he was neglected by his former owners, and it did not take a lot of time since it’s a love at first sight.

The dog was quick to show his affection even on the way back to his new life as the woman wrote: “He touched my hand several times to have affection. It broke my heart to know that he had been neglected and left for dead, but he was not mad at me … but grateful. I started to cry and once again, his attention shifted from himself to my needs. “

She added, “I could not believe that so much love came from an animal that literally came from such a horrible situation.

Since the scene illustrates a pure emotional moment that we do not see every day that gives us new breath and new hope in humanity, we hope that this little dog will find the love and affection that he deserves in his new home!

We let you discover this scene in the video below and we hope that you will share it around you to make people aware of the importance of adopting animals because they all deserve love too! watch the video )

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