Murphy’s hair was so tangled and dirty that you could barely see the front of the back of his body. The intervention of the PETA association changed the life of this neglected dog.

Until the intervention of members of the PETA association, Murphy led a miserable life. This little dog was held in a narrow and dark box and was totally neglected. Due to the total lack of maintenance, his hair had become tangled and dirty.

So when the PETA team came to see him, only the eyes of the dog allowed locating the head.

Employees of the Norfolk, Virginia (Eastern US) association managed to convince the owners of the small dog to give it to them. In the process, they took him to the vet.

There, Murphy was anesthetized so that the healers rid him of the pile of dirty hair. In total, nearly a kilogram of soiled and tangled fur was eventually removed from the animal. Knowing that he weighed only 3 kilograms.

Mowed and bathed, the little dog was totally metamorphosed. He spent some time at PETA’s premises, asserting his energetic and cheerful character to all staff. Then Murphy was transferred to the Norfolk SPCA.

Things accelerated afterward since he was quickly found an adoptive family, a retired couple in this case.


New owners who love and care for him. Everything Murphy dreamed about when he was still a hairball completely abandoned.

Here is a short video posted on PETA’s YouTube account and showing the transformation of the little dog …