Spending time outdoors in the winter is an incredible way for you and your outdoorsy dog, to get a lot of pure air and training. However, there are many risks that come with the cold and the icy weather.

Even though winter offers a lot of outdoors activities, for dogs and dog owners alike, you must ensure you’re focused protection first, to avoid what had happened to these owners, who allowed their dog to run off leash when it only to fall into a creek that had frozen over.

They immediately called the fire department for help, firefighters from the Swift Current Fire Department in Saskatchewan, Canada, run out to rescue the poor pooch.

The Fire Department Chief is now using this as an example to warn people and owners of the dangers that these bodies of water pose to pets and children during the winter months.

Brave firefighters save outdoorsy dog that falls through thin ice in Canada, watch the rescue below

In the video, one of the firefighters is seen fixing to a tie as he advances onto the ice to grab the dog.

It shows up the puppy’s lower back legs have been inside the water, and a firefighter attempted to lift the canine’s bottom out of the ice.

The firefighter, who ventured out onto the ice, almost falls himself in the cold water, before catching his balance and grabbing the dog. With the help of his firefighters partners, he finally managed to pull the pooch to safety.

That poor dog must have been absolutely terrified.

It’s very fortunate the firefighters rushed out to a local creek after a dog had gotten stuck, in the freezing water, so quickly.

Please keep your outdoorsy dog and children away from the Creek, the ice is thin and is not safe.

♥Safe Winter ♥