Cruel Owner Purposely Runs Over And Drags Pet Dog Nearly Mile By His Truck

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Police arrested a Round Rock man,  and charged him with cruel act of abuse against his pet dog, including running him over with his truck and dragging him nearly a mile by his leash.

According to official police documents, several witnesses observed 28-year-old Zager Yuseth Zelaya-Rubio drag his white Bull Terrier mix, “Champ”, down the street in Round Rock.

Witnesses told officers the pet dog was “tethered to the vehicle” and the dog got caught up in the wheel well and ejected to the road.

28-year-old Zager Yuseth Zelaya-Rubio

Officers arriving on scene applied pressure to the dog’s wounds and used medical tools to slow the bleeding.

The affidavit shows Champ also had bones protruding with large burns and lacerations throughout his body.

“It was severe, severe injuries and traumas, not only to its paws, but its hind legs as well,” said Officer John Schultz with the Round Rock Police Department. “Just because he’s an animal, that’s no different than the same care we would give a human being if we saw those injuries.”

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