To promote adoption just before the end of the year, Front Street Animal Shelter,  in Sacramento, California, had the brilliant idea to call Santa in person!

The idea is simple: Just go to the shelter to meet the animals, adopt one, and … have it delivered directly to your home on Christmas day! That’s the idea of Front Street Animal Shelter, as this video shows:

Santa Pawlooza – Puppy and Kitten Deliveries

Adopt a puppy or kitten and have them delivered on Christmas Eve!We're helping our pets find homes for the holidays by offering deliveries of puppies and kittens to adopters at their homes. Make this the most exciting and memorable Christmas ever for your family, while saving a life at the same time! Delivery fees are tiered as follows:Silver: $150 – Have a Front Street volunteer deliver your puppy or kitten to your home between 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve.Gold: $200 – Have Santa deliver your puppy or kitten to your home between 10am-3pm on Christmas Eve.Platinum: $300 – Have Santa deliver all of your gifts to your home with your puppy or kitten, with a pre-arranged present pick up and delivery time after dark on Christmas Eve (only 10 deliveries available!)For more information, email us at with the subject line "SantaPawlooza"

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Saturday, December 2, 2017

For $ 300, it’s Santa Claus who delivers your dog!

But such a benefit has a cost: so that he comes to your doorbell between 10am and 3pm on Christmas Eve, with your dog, it will cost $ 200.

For $ 300, he will deliver ALL your Christmas gifts to your home, including your dog, after midnight of course, so that the magic is total. However, for $ 150, it will be a volunteer – not Santa Claus – who will bring you your new companion on Christmas Eve.

Obviously, having your dog delivered on Christmas Day by Santa Claus has something magical, especially for children. However, it is necessary to avoid that the euphoria of Christmas prevails on the reason: an animal is not a gift which one receives after a whim, it is a living being… If the intention of the shelter is rather good, it remains to know if the animals delivered by Santa Claus will remain forever in their new home.



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