After being separated from her sick owner for over a week, this dog on duty was very happy to hear from her!

Moxy is the little service dog of Katie Harris, a young woman who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic disease that makes daily movement difficult.

Moxy usually accompanies her owner everywhere, and helps her pick up her things to keep Katie from bending over and risk losing consciousness or a possible injury. She is invaluable to her every day!

But Katie had to spend 12 days without her beloved doggie during a hospital stay. Moxy missed her a lot, so she decided to give her a video call even though she was not sure if her dog understood the situation!

She should not have worried: seeing the small image of her owner on the smartphone, Moxy immediately began to lick the phone and put her paw on the screen, as if to hug her . It is really adorable!

Katie’s mom captured the dog’s reaction in pictures, and sent the video to her daughter who was very moved to see her dog she missed so much. The next day, Katie was able to return home to find her dog who was thrilled to see her again!

Moxy worked hard to make the life of her owner easier, it shows that she takes her role to heart and is sincerely attached to her mother. May these two young ladies spend many more years together!

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