She Takes Picture Of Her Son, But Her Pit Bull Was Doing Something Hilarious That Ruined The Photo



Gus the Pit Bull has many qualities, but he is not always very photogenic. He is only a year and a half old, but his family can no longer imagine life without him. He has two human brothers aged 2 and 6 who love to play with him in the garden. And that’s good because Gus LOVES going outside.

It was his love for the garden and his family that allowed him to succeed in ruining (in a cute way) an adorable photo of one of his big human brothers.

The family had been outside and had left Gus inside, cool. But the dog was very eager to be outside with his family, even if he was going to be hot! So he used a strange technique to draw attention to him.

He licked the window pane insistently. Pile at the moment when her mother took a picture of one of her sons.