Regan ends up as a shelter dog after her owner passed away

When you lose a loved one, it’s always important to have someone by your side to support you. And that, whether one is a human or an animal. There are many cases of dogs or cats who, when losing their owner must also mourn.
A beautiful 4-year-old pup called Regan ends up as a shelter dog after her owner passed away, she founds herself homeless and alone in this big wide world.

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Once rescued by Goofy Foot Dog Rescue in Tennessee, the poor dog struggled to find her place and regain her joy of life. To help her, Kim Mozena Rezac – the founder of the shelter – decided to take the dog to her home to offer her a little sweetness and a lot of love to make her feel better.

The owner of this dog died and she ended up homeless. She had been in our shelter for a few days and I felt so sorry for her that I brought her home.

It was in the car with Kim Mozena Rezac that Regan began to relax. Visibly relieved to finally have someone to count on, the dog insisted on putting her paw in her rescuer’s hand, as if to thank her for helping her and showing her that they are now a team. 

“She was so worried and stressed in the shelter, I think she was very relieved when getting into the car,” says Kim Mozena Rezac.

Grateful Dog

By broadcasting this beautiful video on the Internet, Rezac aimed to attract attention to the sweet pup’s cause, immediately the video went viral around the world and more than 2 million people witness this beautiful moment.
To this day, Regan lives in a foster home where she is happy until she finds a forever home.