After cats, Snapchat provides dogs lenses …

Do you want to take pictures of your dog with glasses, a new pair of ears or reindeer antlers? It is possible today without even dress your companion such accessories!

The free application of ephemeral photos and videos now allows you to photograph or film your dog while applying filters that fit perfectly to his face.

Just frame your pet’s head with your smartphone to see the new filters developed by the application.

Arrived for Christmas, these new canine filters closely follow the filters for cats unveiled in October 2018 by the Californian company.

It makes your dog even cuter

Let it said, this is a feature that has no other interest than that of entertaining us … and also, to win back users who were deserting the application in decline.

Without great interest can be … but it is still based on a facial recognition technology of people or animals filmed who asked for important developments in the application, always looking for innovation.

Twelve very fun dog filters are now available to the delight of app users … enough to make fun pictures for the holidays with your dog.


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