Russia is planning a mass slaughter of stray dogs before the World Cup

So we can kill living creatures in the name of the game. We can kill thousands of stray animals to let people run after balloons in peace. This is what Russia is teaching us.

The country launched, for the second time, a campaign to exterminate stray dogs and cats.

At 2014 Sochi, stray dogs were killed with poisonous darts

that killed them after a slow and painful agony.
Despite the polemic that this action had aroused around the world, it is clear that this cruel act is just repeated.

Officially, the Russian government has requested the creation of temporary shelters for stray animals.
Sports minister wants to avoid any measures of negative media coverage and be related to cruelty to animals”.

But animal defenders are not fooled. In fact, the massacre has already begun. captured dogs are immediately killed.

But why kill stray animals?

If Russia exterminates stray animals, it would be a question of image: a crowded city of stray dogs seems dirty and poor.
The Bloody Fifa 2018 community’s page also explains: “Local authorities and technical services in cities […] are convinced that these animals will upset sportsmen and fans, that these animals are undermining the ‘tourist attractiveness’ of cities”.

If a stray dog bites a supporter, he could “file a complaint against FIFA and seek compensation,” they said.
In fact, the fear of the bite is a pretext that hides a much deeper problem, the misappropriation of public money.

Animal Rights Defenders

stray animals- dog- cat- killed in Russia Before World cup
Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of City Animal Protection Foundation

According to Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of City Animal Protection Foundation, the slaughter of stray dogs and cats would cost more than 100 million rubles (1.4 million euros) to the regions hosting the World Cup.

“With this money, we could fund the sterilization of dogs, their vaccination, and their housing, but they prefer to kill,” she said.

To kill, for pleasure, and for-profit, would, in fact, be the real reason for these massive murders. Thus, the city of St.Petersburg would commission “dog hunters” who would receive bonuses depending on the number of animals killed. According to Ekaterina Dmitrieva,

“It would not have taken more than 5 or 6 years to solve the problem of stray animals all over the country, but it does not serve their interests.

They need new puppies to continue the killings, for which they receive public money. In addition, domestic dogs are also victims, caught to make the figure and touch the premiums.

Fifa has been alerted to this wave of extermination. But the message the animal advocates have received is disappointing.
“We have received a lot of letters, but we have so much to do that we take note of it without being able to help you, Sorry”.

In response, calls for boycotts and a petition were launched.

The goal is to ensure that the World Cup does not take place in Russia, but in a country where animals have rights, or at least the right to live“.