Stray Puppy Jumps from joy During Reunion With Firefighter Who Rescued Her From Neglectful Owners

As first responders and public servants, firefighters are often viewed as heroic individuals who respond quickly to emergency situations. One firefighter went above and beyond the call of duty when he saw an abandoned puppy in need and responded quickly.

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The firefighter, Mike Thawley, was out for a stroll when he saw a puppy that was obviously neglected and tied to a pole. He hoped that the owner would show up soon, so he took time to observe the puppy from a distance despite the fact that it started to rain very hard.

After a while, Mike realized that nobody would be coming back for the puppy any time soon. He decided to take action.

Mike untied the puppy, who is named Chunkie and who was soaking wet from the downpour. He took the poor, neglected puppy back to his fire station.

Mike and other fellow firefighters at the Sacramento Fire Department washed Chunkie and checked to make sure that she was generally in good health. They later took Chunkie to a nearby animal shelter so that she could find a forever home.

      Video can be found on the page 2/2 of this article      

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