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He Imagines A Surreal World, Where Animals Are Giants


In Canada, artist Mani is a real master of photomontage. He tributes the cause of animals by imagining a fantasy world where animals have become real giants … that make the man tiny.

If you like photomontages worked and successful, then you will appreciate the artist that we will present today. His name is Maniet coming directly from Toronto, Canada. This photographer and graphic artist has mastered the art of digital manipulation and seems to be particularly fond of animals.

Through the different shouts that he shares on his portfolio and on his Instagram account, Mani likes to imagine a world where animals are much bigger than Man. In this rather fanciful world, animals are giants that evolve in any type of environment, from metropolises to wild landscapes.

We do not really know what Mani wants to convey through its different photomontages, but we imagine that there is a real tribute to different animal species. In a world where new species are becoming endangered every day, artistic projects like those of Mani are here to remind us of the importance of preserving animals for our ecosystem.

To learn more about the artist and see more of his photomontages, we invite you to visit his portfolio or his Instagram account.

Credits: Mani Photography

Source: creapills