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Sweet Gesture For A Cold Shivering Stray Dog


Recently, a security camera filmed a customer coming out of a coffee in cold, rainy weather in Zonguldak, Turkey. While passing the door, the woman sees a stray dog, alone in the street. She then decides to stop rather than go her way like most people.

A very touching scene

Once near the dog, the woman stops and bends down. She then takes her scarf and makes a blanket for the doggie who can sleep a little warmer, protected from the rain and cold.

Although this scene only lasted a few seconds, it has already given hope to many people, reassured to see that goodness still exists and that we can help an animal on the street without expecting anything in return.

After this video was posted all over social media, the young woman who helped the dog was recognized. Her name is Duygu Elma and she is surprised by this little fame.

She explained to The Dodo that she had nothing else to offer than her scarf to this poor dog: “It was so cold. I just could not stand it when I saw him, I just felt is the right thing to do,”.

The scene just lasted a minute had across the whole world and captured hearts of many animals lovers.
Here’s the viral video that shows the kind gesture from a stranger soul to help another creature who needed it.

Now hopefully this dog has met other people with a big heart to help him, or even better: a family and a forever home!

Very kind woman! If you believe every dog matter, please share this inspiring story with your friends


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