A man has been left ‘very worried’ after his tattooed cat jumped out of his car window and went missing.

Russian blogger, Kara Fight – whose real name is Rustam Shafiev – has appealed for help to find his Sphynxcat , Bes – which means ‘demon’.

Russian blogger, Kara Fight
The six-year-old cat – who has criminal gang tattoos on his face, back and chest – jumped out of the car window during a visit to the village of Pervomaisky, near Yekaterinburg, and ran off into the night.

tattooed cat

It is feared that Bes may have ventured into a nearby forest, which is home to brown bears, wolves, wolverines, sable and lynx.

Mr Shafiev, 35, said he has been looking for Bes for five days to no avail and had been ‘taking sedatives by the handful’ since he vanished.

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