Men seen in the video are actively searching for.

The dog, named Tilly, was discovered early in the morning by staff at the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control in Rustburg, Virginia.

They Abandoned Pregnant Dog In The Cold 01

Surprised to see that she was pregnant and had obviously been out all night, alone and in the cold, the shelter decided to watch the security cameras located outside the building. On the images, we see a driver parked the night before the shelter and several men out of the vehicle.

They then open the trunk, take out the poor pregnant dog and drag her on the low side then turn on the engine and go away.

They Abandoned Pregnant Dog In The Cold 02

The cruel owners incur up to 1 year in prison

Fortunately, after examination, the dog is well and is not injured however the shelter refuses to tolerate such abandonment and hopes that someone can identify those responsible.

As a reminder, according to Virginia law, this cruel act on a pregnant dog is a class 1 offense punishable by one year in prison.

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