A 3-legged dog, Piggy does not hesitate a jump to suffering people arms, people with malaise or illness. He is not only good at it, but he is even better at helping them get better.

Suffering, Piggy knows the meaning of this word. The crossed Border Collie could have died in 2009 if US veterinarians had not supported him while living in the Dominican Republic, according to The Dodo. He was only a few months old when a car hit him, seriously wounding him in the left hind paw.

Nobody has looked into his case; the dog has spent a month in this sad state. Discovered by volunteers while he was very thin, covered with ticks and unable to move, he was entrusted to veterinarians who had no choice but to amputate the affected leg. That’s what saved his life.

Piggy was then taken to the United States, specifically to New York. His new family was Tod Emko, co-founder of Darwin Animal Doctors, an international organization dedicated to the rescue of animals. At his side, Piggy learned to move on 3 legs and has gradually regained a taste for life. He had transformed his suffering into strength. He especially developed the faculty of perceiving the pain of others. That’s what Tod Emko discovered afterward.

The first episode took place in June 2009. Piggy accompanied Tod Emko and his friend Andrea Gordon to Central Park, where he was now used to walking. It was then that Piggy went to a man who was sitting alone on a bench. He put his paw on his shoe and the man burst into tears. Emko asked him why he was crying, he replied that he had just lost his dog that very morning. The man then dried his tears, looked long Piggy caressing him, smiled and asked the dog, “How did you know I needed it? “

An anecdote that pleasantly surprised Emko, but he was still far from suspecting that he was dealing with a very special dog. Piggy has distinguished himself in this way several times thereafter, stopping each time with a person and comforting her, only to discover that she was indeed hiding a deep malaise, sometimes physical, sometimes moral. Each time, Piggy insists on staying with the person and agrees to leave only when she smiles or shows another sign of relief.

In 2016, aware of her dog’s abilities, Tod Emko began taking her to schools and hospitals to visit children.

One day, Piggy entered a center specializing in brain damage affecting children. A little girl stood there, not reassured at all, and for good reason; the staff explained to Emko that she was terrified of dogs. To everyone’s surprise, when Piggy gave her that sweet and kindly look that characterizes him, the girl not only looked back at him, but she came closer and started caressing him. And there, she wore a big smile that moved the staff to tears.



More recently, while Emko and Piggy were returning home, the dog stopped in front of the house of an elderly neighbor, Sharon. Piggy was very tired, but he found the strength to climb the steps to join the retiree. He then rested his head on her leg and the lady smiled as she explained to Tod Emko that this leg was beset by an indescribable pain, so strong that it prevented her from walking properly all day long.

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